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  1. Falange

    AOO in Pres

    Good evening, I am looking for information regarding the relatively new AOO trade on the reserve side. Is anyone aware of reserve units with billets/recruiting for this trade? And would anyone be able to shed some light into what the trade course actually looks like (i.e. modality, length...
  2. Falange

    TDO PRes

    Thank you, this is helpful and definitely aligned with some of the assumptions I had.
  3. Falange

    TDO PRes

    Good evening, I have an RFI from a member who wants to VOT from PAO (Navy) to TDO in the reserves. It was flagged to me that the TDO trade is open for both NAVRES and Army Reserve (as per the recruiting website); however, since it is a purple trade my assumption is that the branch manages entry...
  4. Falange

    Difference between NQual AIOV and AIPB?

    Ack, thank you. F
  5. Falange

    Difference between NQual AIOV and AIPB?

    Mods - should this post be moved somewhere else to see if it can yield any replies  ;D? F
  6. Falange

    Difference between NQual AIOV and AIPB?

    Hello, It's been years since I have posted here (no worries, did the search function check). Just a question that was raised and I am hoping experienced HRAs or PSOs would be able to answer: Given that BMOQ is supposed to be a common element course is there a reason why Army Reserve officers...
  7. Falange

    transferring to navy

    I am just serving the same Queen, so I have the same master ;D!  In reality I am under no obligation to serve with the UK, not even in a national emergency case sort of thing. I am just participating in a training stablishment. However, with the Supp. res I do have the obligation to serve if...
  8. Falange

    transferring to navy

    I did not get to do my PLQ unfortunetly. UOTC stands for University Officer Training Corps, which technically are university units part of the Territorial Army (Brit army reserves), hoewever their role is to train OCdts and therefore they are not operational for deployment. They pretty much...
  9. Falange

    transferring to navy

    I have a similar question regarding transfers between army and navy. In the case of a trade qualified army NCM transferring to the navy as an officer do they get an IAP or BOTP bypass or he/she has to start from scratch? Currently I am doing graduate school in the UK however, I am in the supp...
  10. Falange

    Colombia (Super thread)

    That is right... Colombia's combat wing consists of 12 Kfir fighters and 10 more were recently order to Israel, but most military spending goes to anti insurgency equipment and training. Probably, in matters of personel training Colombia is better, however Venezuela has spent A LOT of...
  11. Falange

    Colombia (Super thread)

    Well, I would not see president Lula getting that involved appart from the mediator role if Chavez rotten brain sees a casus bellum and decides to attack Colombia. At least the ratification of Venezuela's membership into Mercosur (Southern Common Market) is at stake right now as the Brazilians...
  12. Falange

    Colombia (Super thread)

    Mr. Chavez pisses me off so much. For those who have seen his rants in "Alo Presidente" you just have to love how he calls everyonethat it is outside his "21st Century Socialism" club, immorals, puppies of the empire, criminals, assassins etc etc. However, it seems he has the moral high ground...
  13. Falange

    Saving NATO II

    Russia as the raison d'etre for NATO simply won't work anymore. The Europeans prefer to approach Russia through the Stategic Partnership and the ENP set up a couple of years ago. Russia itself is behaving more in its own microcosm as it wants to define itself as an autonomous actor in the...
  14. Falange

    Heating Up in Corsica

    It reminds me of my sweet Basque fatherland... nationalist punks setting garbage bins on fire and playing with HMEs. I really despise nationalist douche bags. They harm more of "their people" and damage the infrastructure of their beloved region in the name of self determination. Logical...
  15. Falange

    Where do you call home?

    Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain... lived in Bogota, Colombia and Surrey, United Kingdom for a while Now in British Columbia
  16. Falange

    Canadian/UK/Australian Militarys...Experience??

    Hmmm, I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the recruiting process for the TA or the RMR? I am currently serving in the army reserves here in Canada, however next year I am going to the UK for grad school. I really enjoy being part time in the military, and I would love to continue...
  17. Falange

    US Foreign Policy: 2009 and Beyond

    Yeah I am suscribed to the hardcopy of this journal. However you should be careful to the extent you take this pre-election articles at heart. I love the works of scholars that have submitted fascinating academic articles such as J. Nye, J. Sweig and Hoffman. However, when it comes to...
  18. Falange

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    Actually, you can find plenty of academic literature and research done on this. I recommend works by Dr. Julie Anderson and O. Kryshtanovskaya. Numerous members of the Siloviki (Putin's ex KGB/FSB gents club) have made blatant statements such as: "The Fall of the Soviet Union is worst thing it...
  19. Falange

    "(Insert Food of Choice) for Peace" Actions

    I f@#$'n hate hippies like these. That's all
  20. Falange

    Big Lies

    haha has anyone been in any lecture by Michael Byers... I had to take one of his international law and armed conflict classes... lots of egocentrism and weak arguments. Good lawyer but bad political scientist.