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    how to how do i make proposals

    My brother-in-law did invent a few products as a micro-biologist (he has his own company). For all that is worth, he thought about getting his inventions a patent, but finally didn't and had receive advice in against patenting by his lawyer. The reason being when you do get a patent, you...
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    how to how do i make proposals

    There are no defined rules for unsolicited proposal to my knowledge. In my view, what you have to do is contact the Canadian Defence Industry Association (http://www.cdia.ca/) since they probably have experience with this kind of thing, and you could potentially find a strong partner that would...
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    The reason french was used in diplomacy, especially for treaties, is because french uses more precises words, or greater granularity, hence making interpretation in legal matters less conflicting.
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    Videogames and the Army?

    What you are talking about is not a game or video game, but a real training range. Each weapon is linked to the computer and detect your breathing and trigger pressure. At the instruction center in Valcartier, Training Developement Officers (TDO) ran a trial with two groups of recruits...
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    Farewell to arms - guns retired

    About an enhanced TA role, what can a locating bty do when no ressources are available to engage the acquired targets ? Also, a TA bty must be linked to the proper HQ to make decisions on which direct or indirect asset would be used to engage. This is way above what a brigade HQ can do. The...
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    Videogames and the Army?

    DRDC Ottawa or Toronto (Defense Research & Development Canada) are using video games to study communications at section level in asymmetric environment like urban warfare. Players are not right beside each others and wear headset and microphones to communicate. This is not for training but to...
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    Arty Sites-[Please Add]

  8. DJFC2-5-2

    Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    To add my piece of the puzzle, I am an arty officer, 14 years in. Every trade as its pros and cons. Looks like the arty is slow to promote, both for Officers and NCOs, compare to Inf and Arty. We did had a few years in a row with 0 promotions in quite a number of rank levels. Because of this...
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    Location of Ottawa's Recruting Office

    The recruiting center is very visible from both Slater street (downton busiest eastbond street) and from Laurier West (parallel to Slater). It is almost at  the corner of Elgin st (another main ave in the downtown area), and just behind the famous Lord Elgin hotel. I have actually seen worst for...
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    how to how do i make proposals

    You can also look into the Defense Research & Development Canada world. DRDC Atlantic in Halifax is the most logical one that could have related research projects on the table that could leverage your idea.
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    The Command and Control (C2) Environment of Tomorrow

    This is the mobile lab located at Defense Research & Development Canada - Valcartier near Quebec City. I have personally conducted a user trial in it on All Sources Intelligence Producer (ASIP) project. The lab is self dependent for power with two very quiet generators. It is divided in three...
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    C4 Gas Mask

    Late answer, but everyone saying that properly fitted mask won't fog are right. I instructed NBC classes and conducted numerous gas chamber exercises. The reason a mask would fog is part of your breath is coming out of the nose cup inside the mask instead of fully exiting the mask through the...
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    Quick Question about future of armed forces

    For what I know, the US Forces and the CF have a different approach to the soldier of the futur. As the US is actually gearing up the soldier with technology, Canada thinks it's better to evaluate what capabilities would benefit the soldier given the introduction of technology to support it...