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  1. lone bugler

    anyone from 25 Fld Ambulance

    I'm just asking a few questions for my brother, who's an army logistic officer from Waterloo that just moved to Toronto for Pharmacy school. He's thinking about remustering as a naval pharamacy officer Is there an opening for Pharmacy or Logistic officers at 25 Fld ambulance? What night do you...
  2. lone bugler

    MMTP(SI) and MMTP

    thanks gents :salute: I've just found everything I need For anyone that needs info on MMTP and MMTP(SI) or contact info regarding it, here's the link for the details pertaining to 2009: www.europe.forces.gc.ca/ro-oc/RO-03_e_.pdf probably should sticky this somewhere...
  3. lone bugler

    MMTP(SI) and MMTP

    I'm thinking of applying to Ottawa med school this year and found out about applying through the CF route. It's been hard to find info on the MMTP program and since I'm a P res med tech, I think the MMTP(SI) applying to me as well, so far all the info i could find is this...
  4. lone bugler

    Vision Questions Megathread, Categories, Problems etc.

    Once your in the CF, do you have to change trades if your vision falls below the entrence requirement of your MOC?
  5. lone bugler

    Non-Effective Strength (NES): Minimum Attendance

    can someone find the definition of NES on an official docoument? I need help because I'm currently NES when I don't believe I should have been put there the period in dispute is when I last paraded on December the 4th 2008 and next paraded January 22nd 2009 (I parade on Thursdays) I know...
  6. lone bugler

    Go on SQ now or later?

    I'm doing SQ and BMQ this year on weekends, I've heard it's real brutal along with university (im going to UWO 2nd year right now) as I already have to miss 2 weekends due to exams that i know about. on the other hand I am told some parts of training you can miss with premission. but if your an...
  7. lone bugler

    CF cellphone plan

    so em besides the obvious thread hijack, I'm still trying to find out the details to this elusive CF/government employers/ corporate plan
  8. lone bugler

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    UPDATE: Recruiting Center: London Reg/Res: Primary reserve Officer/NCM: NCM Trade 1: Med Tech Trade 2: ------- Trade 3: ------- Application Date: October 2007 First Contact: November 2007 CFAT: December 2007 Interview: December 2007 Medical: February 2008 Physical: February 2008 Merit listed...
  9. lone bugler

    London Area Reserve BMQ

    hey gunner nice to meet you, pte. wei here, I'm with the 23 field ambulance detachmetn in london and I'll be doing BMQ this fall Oct. 17 is the first day I believe
  10. lone bugler

    waiting for BMQ (reserves)

    My BMQ also starts on the 17th of october now, im also doing SQ in the spring. I got a tasking at Borden this summer working with cadets, which i guess is better than nothing
  11. lone bugler

    U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant Crewman video

    shit that probably is the best kept secret in the navy. that craft is armed to the bone, I think i even saw a light AA gun lol
  12. lone bugler

    Canada’s Government announces over $500 million in Trenton expansion projects

    Wow sounds like an amazing renovation of the place. I'm glad they are redoing the roads, I was on my way to bellville just a few weeks ago and stopped by in trenton, certain sections of the road could use an overhaul
  13. lone bugler

    CF cellphone plan

    PViddy if you could send that PM about your current "CF corporate plan", that would be great, cheers
  14. lone bugler

    CF cellphone plan

    i was told recently that the CF actually has a cellphone plan with rogers, anyone know if this is true what what are the details of the plan, thanks for the insight
  15. lone bugler

    Pics of today's Brisbane Welcome Home (from Iraq) Parade

    great pictures, glad you Aussies are welcoming troops the proper way, something the Brits could learn from. did you name the emu? ;D
  16. lone bugler

    French Foreign Legion launches wine

    I'd be happy to buy that, 16-22 per bottle of wine ant bad
  17. lone bugler

    BMQ / BMOQ: Travel Orders

    Hi, I will be employed in Borden this summer, just curious can I still travel in uniform if I don't have a rank epplett? I'm a Pte(r) and was never issued one. I was thinking of traveling in uniform because the only greyhound from Barrie into Borden arrives at 1245 on Monday the 30th and I have...
  18. lone bugler

    Trooping the Colour Video

    Wow and I thought marchig bands had trouble keeping formations, the Household Calvary band was very impressive
  19. lone bugler

    "Army crisis grows as SAS commander quits"

    If the troops are already getting bad kit and funding, how is the loss of a senior experienced officer going to help. The general just put more of his troops in danger cause now troops are more likely to die from tactical reasons
  20. lone bugler

    Four British Soldiers Killed

    only the dead will ever see the end of war... RIP :salute: