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  1. Sassy

    UVIC threads on Recruiting, Protests & Students against War

    I hope this issue is in MSM, perhaps the brass could do a press release showing how much money the military and it's members put into the economy on Victoria Island.  My husband was part of the first detachment sent to Pat Bay, I remember Victoria as a Military friendly town.  University...
  2. Sassy

    Protesters Banner Kitchener Colt Plant

    40 protestors, whow that's like amazing.  It reminds me of a saying here in Cowville when the mountain folks get engaged, "if ya aint good enough for your own kin, how can you be good enough for mine". I don't like what they have to say, but I respect their right to say it.  Mocking them is a...
  3. Sassy

    It appears the Marines will be vindicated against false charges.

    I came across this article after much digging, it appears the Marines were set up by terrorists in Haditha.  This is amazing, why didn't the brass leak the truth from the beginning.  A witch hunt for non-existant witches is what this was, the left leaning peacniks used this tale of fiction to...
  4. Sassy

    The School Funding Thread- Merged

    Why punish the catholic school system?  It's part of the BNA, so who's going to pay to get this part of the constitution struck down?  I've heard it's a great system, so why get rid of something that works?  Islam, Hinduism, Somalian Tribal Law aren't part of our history or culture so why punish...
  5. Sassy

    Stephane Dion undecided as usual

    The liberal supporters are so cheap they don't donate money to their Utopian Party or on a personal or professional level.  The left is broke, they are so use to being in power they've forgotten  how to fund raise.  Alas they are use to we the unwashed masses paying to get them elected that...
  6. Sassy

    The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

    LOL good post, how about  every business they boycott the military families give them extra business and an new shiny yellow ribbon.  It's amusing that the yellow bellies object to yellow ribbons and yet that's the color of their skin and ethics.  I really loathe peaceniks and tree huggers, so...
  7. Sassy

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Why doesn't Harper do what the liberals always do-LIE-agree to remove the troops when our mandate has expired.  Really their is no need for him to act moral, the liberals and NDP have been walking over our dead soldiers for political gains for two years.  As for Quebec Politicians that assert...
  8. Sassy

    Prof. Byers Strikes Out

    I read less than half of the OP and I started to feel my eyes glaze over in boredom from reading more left leaning crappola.  There's nothing more painful than reading the opinion of an Academic who's never left his office to taste real life.  I suggest this fella head to Darfur and design a...
  9. Sassy

    Mindset of the antiwar crowd

    Wow this thread was an eye opener, I've never been fond of peace protesters because they usually look so scummy.  But  holey hanna to find out that these peaceniks from our hollowed halls of Academia are in bed with radical Islamists was a shock.  This should of been on the front page of every...
  10. Sassy

    Harper failing to sway country

    That in a nut shell is the problem, the Canadian Public want a debate and they have been asking for one. Harper is a weak arrogant leader who turns his nose up at the people.  If the mission were explained (including a slideshow) the people of Canada could have a reference point to judge for...
  11. Sassy

    The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

    Well the radical Islamists and the Socialist in Canada share the same idiology, no seperation of state and it's people.  They are very similar in ethos and idiology, both need to be told how to live and exist. Hitler started out as a socialist, I believe that's the original name of his party and...
  12. Sassy

    4,000 extremists from UK trained in Afghan camps

    I'm sure their trips were soley for the atmosphere and hospitality.  ::)
  13. Sassy

    Canadian Public Opinion Polls on Afghanistan

    LOL you are correct, I recently participated in a poll and it became clear halfway through that I was being led to a preconceived conclusion.  In fact the poll was designed to get the results that the person paying for said poll wanted.  I have no faith in polls.  Considering our MSM is...
  14. Sassy

    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    What really really really angers me is that our troops are being used as political pawns by the Liberals and the NDP, they've done everything they can short of giving away our battle stratagy to the media. It's my assertion that they are in fact placing our troops in danger with their relentless...
  15. Sassy

    Taliban Jack

    Isn't that what the liberals did? Layton has no idea what Peace Keeping is about, he glorifies in our history of Peace Keeping but he  has no grasp of ROEs and how restrictive and damaging it is to troops to have their hands tied behind their backs writing reports to the UN or NATO that never...
  16. Sassy

    Oh dear God, you must be kidding me....

    Welcome to the New Canadian Order, socialist policies that pander to the criminals and ignore the victims.  It's cheaper in the long run to commit a Federal Offense, a female can get a free degree in Social Work and it's free and they feed you and wow it's called time.  Some serious spring...
  17. Sassy

    The Politics of Yellow Ribbons - MERGED

    Those who object the yellow ribbon have no issue with flying the Gay Pride symbol.  How far left has this country gone when it's a noble thing to display a ribbon because of whom you have sex with but it's war mongering to display our pride in our Military Members.  Sigh, more socialist dogm...
  18. Sassy

    Facial covering/courts-elections-etc. (merged)

    Your opinion only.  you do  not decide for me when I'm right or wrong.   I'v known and worked with Muslim woman and not all choose to wear the veil but are bullied into wearing one by their family and husbands.  It's not fair to Muslim women and children to deny the ugly aspects of Islam, those...
  19. Sassy

    Drug use/drug testing in the CF (merged)

    He makes a valid point, we could start with Politicians and work our way down the Federal Civil Service chain.  It would clarify why some civil servants seem void of intellect. Opps did I say that out loud.
  20. Sassy

    Blogs as another front in the war

    It's been my experience that the left/left embrace the jihadist's mantra.  I've seen nice forums flame into ruins as posters posing as Canadians call our troops "Invaders of Afghanistan, baby killers, our troops are only there to lay pipe lines for the US, the list is endless" and no the mods...