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  1. J.J

    RCMP officers told not to wear symbol depicting ‘thin blue line’

    I disagree, a couple of positive posts about community policing and his response is to point out misconduct. How is that not being "passive-aggressive"? How does that fit into the discourse? He may not be anti-police, but he is quick to throw some shade on positive actions by law enforcement.
  2. J.J

    RCMP officers told not to wear symbol depicting ‘thin blue line’

    Here is a website to make it easier for you to find and post articles. You can thank me later. https://www.facebook.com/CanadaCopBlock/
  3. J.J

    Ft Hood Investigation Ongoing

    Organized criminal elements have been prevalent in the US military for many years. Not rampant,  but they're still around. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/gang-activity-in-the-u-s-military-3354199
  4. J.J

    What book are you reading now?

    The Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz: Jeremy Dronfield A great book, hard to believe it is a nonfiction. https://www.harpercollins.ca/9780063019300/the-boy-who-followed-his-father-into-auschwitz/
  5. J.J

    CBSA confiscates 65 prohibited pistols in Toronto

    It looks like something was missing, an amended article saying the shipment was declared as starter pistols, but under the initial layer there were 45 revolvers...
  6. J.J

    US Election: 2016

    Just announced, Hillary called Trump and conceded!
  7. J.J

    Militarization of the police?

    Our bosses would love to give us more training, I honestly believe that, but it comes down to budget and time. There is a significant amount of mandatory training we are obligated to complete yearly and very little is on the range or tactics. We are given directions by our political masters on...
  8. J.J

    Militarization of the police?

    I am lucky if I can fire more than 51 rds of ammunition a year, because of budgetary reasons,  but I can imagine the outcry about militarizing the police if more money was spent on ammo and range time. There are so many hours available in a year for training. So far this year I've had to take...
  9. J.J

    Militarization of the police?

    This site has lost contributing members because of the some of the commentary towards law enforcement. If I started posting articles and third hand knowledge about how an infantry battalion should operate and how a section should be equipped because I spoke to my uncles neighbor who used to be...
  10. J.J

    Militarization of the police?

    How about Moncton, NB? Maythorpe, AB? Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal?
  11. J.J

    Militarization of the police?

    http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lapd-pursuit-suspect-identified-20140819-story.html An  excerpt from the article; I am a LEO, so I have intimidate knowledge of what the capabilities of the bad guys are. I'm sorry RoyalDrew if you think gun violence in the US is sensationalist, but...
  12. J.J

    Militarization of the police?

    Or here is a crazy idea, maybe they had more information?! As crazy as that sounds, the police do not randomly pick a house to do forced entries. Your local drug unit would have done several hours/days of surveillance, spoken to informants and relied on information they already knew (street...
  13. J.J

    CBSA uniforms found in Vancouver dumpster, raising suspicions

    You deal with idiots all day see how cheerful you will be
  14. J.J

    What were they thinking?.....Dumb criminals.......add your dumb criminal story

    This from Windsor Police last night; Sitting downtown monitoring the drunks---》 Kid comes to my window and asks "Is this where I buy the bacon? ----》 Public intoxication arrest---》 Find pepper spray = Weapons charge ---》 Find 206 grams of khat in his backpack. So thank you Mr. Darwin and your...
  15. J.J

    When is fall bmq?

    I would imagine sometime between 23 September and 20 December 2014. 
  16. J.J

    Vacationing soldier shot in Barbados

    A Canadian couple has a harrowing story to tell after masked men broke into their Caribbean vacation home and shot one of them during a struggle. Jonathan and Heather Hubble say the ordeal — in which he was shot and his wife performed first aid while waiting an hour for an ambulance — has...
  17. J.J

    Charter/Caution for traffic accident

    As a Peace Officer, outside of the CF, SeaKingTacco and Bruce are absolutely correct in that the OP should be requesting clarification on the policy. Other than the policy being stupid and completely unnecessary, it will cause a lot more harm than good. In my professional opinion, the OP is...
  18. J.J

    *Server Is Under High Stress*

    What about limiting posts for nonsubscribers? For instance, only 25 posts without a subscription.
  19. J.J

    This makes me very sad...

    Currently only George and I are the only subscribers in this thread. Just say'n
  20. J.J

    Suggestions on getting something across the border

    Ignore Lighhtguns if you don't want to go to jail. Try a place like this in Ogdensdburg, NY http://shiptotheborder.com/looking-for-a-us-po-box Just make sure that you do your research to see if you can export the part out of the US, they have pretty restrictive import/export laws for...