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  1. JayJay144

    Russia to quadruple nuclear weapon production

    To be honest I can't see Russia and China going against one another not one bit. They're pretty much oil allies now with other countries around the world like Iran and Venezuala. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2006/apr2006/puti-a04.shtml
  2. JayJay144

    President George W Bush's place in history

    I'm not sure how many people would agree but I'm going to miss Bush. it's too bad they weren't able to change the laws for someone to serve more terms. His place in history. Terrorists attacked and he kicked some butt thats how I see it. half the states would have been mad at him if he hadn't. I...
  3. JayJay144

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    Oh the Iran topic always a good read. In my opinion Iran already has nuclear weapons. Russia has been no stranger to selling them all kinds of high tech weapons systems why not throw in a few black market stuff too. Thats why I think Israel has waited for so long to attack them personally...
  4. JayJay144

    Dark Cloud/Silver Lining: Recruiting in a Recession

    Hey fellas how are your holidays going. I'm reminded of the author Blatchford. "Stories of bravery and courage from inside the NEW Canadian Army." It very much is a new military. provided that This coalition thing doesn't go through and wreck havoc on the military budget. A few points I want to...
  5. JayJay144

    RIP Cpl. McLaren.

    Just got my week nine badge here at St. Jean and when we got back to our floor someone told us about the latest news. Little did I know that when I did my laundry today one of the faces on the newscast was someone whom I was in the same grade with in highschool. We had a few classes here and...
  6. JayJay144

    October 2008 Reg Force BMQ - All locations

    congrats fellas.  the fitness test is during basic now. I got my call today.
  7. JayJay144

    Forces struggling to recruit...

    Interesting point about the line up editorial.         Keeping in mind I'm going through the application process ; medical and interview on wednesday  :) I've found the recruiting centre in Ottawa to be quite busy this summer during the times I was phoning and keeping on top of things. My...
  8. JayJay144

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    What are the chances that western and Israel special forces or even mercenaries were involved?  There's been Russian media reports of captured western mercenaries but I'm waiting on more sources to report because I can't take any mass media seriously in this day in age. What I can say is it is...
  9. JayJay144

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    I doubt the US will get involved in a large capacity. It wouldn't be a good idea especially since they are too busy with the Middle East and the prospect of Iran. The timing of the election and Iran just couldn't be a better time. It would be best for Russia to bring the Georgian leader to...
  10. JayJay144

    Putin to re-station Russian nukes/military in Cuba?

    It's no different than the influence Bush Sr. has had over the current presidency. to get to the reason why I'm posting a reply is I've payed attention to international news like this and Russia has stated many times that they will launch limited warfare  over the missile defence issue but...
  11. JayJay144


    I'm going through the reg force application process and as I understand it you need 12 minutes and under to pass. I do it in 8 minutes. Check your daily diet it has a lot to do with how well you run. I've been eating lots of pastas, chicken and steak for my training. High carbs and protein...
  12. JayJay144

    This is no Kilt, Laddie

    ha. Thats actually a really good idea. I've seen carriers wearing shorts close to december because they can walk faster.
  13. JayJay144

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    the news feeds have been an interesting look at Russia's post communist army. I remember jokes from the 90's "Russian army will work for food" and things like that but I don't think anybody is laughing now. They still have quite a force. What really surprises me is that the price of gas hasn't...
  14. JayJay144

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    Oligarch you should take it easy and stop flipping out. If you bothered to read the original post of this thread you'd see that everyone here knows it wasn't Russia that started the incident. it's all right there with the thread starter. If you want to get political you should look for...
  15. JayJay144

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    I wouldn't be so sure of that. You might want to read this article from Paul Craig Roberts. He's known as the Father of Reaganomics. http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts05232008.html
  16. JayJay144

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    Does this mean Israel will attack Iran during the Olympic time frame? What are the chances I wonder.
  17. JayJay144

    Do you believe in UFO's?

    Sad but true. it's frustrating to see people get attacked for their beliefs and possible sightings. those stupid tinfoil hat comments. I don't feel anything for people who are unwilling to open their minds to the possibility. they are only kidding themselves in the end. I'm also happy to see...
  18. JayJay144

    Unhappy America

    Sub nixon? before impeachment or after? You'd be interested in what the comptroller general of the US has been saying. He runs the Accountability Office. David Walker. the US is something like 10 trillion dollars in debt. I wonder how much longer they can keep borrowing money until it's game...
  19. JayJay144

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    Thats a very scarey prospect. If Iran was going to first strike wouldn't they have done it by now? I agree with the most recent posts that It's in their best interests to let the West or Israel go for the pre-emptive option. Although I will admit I am not an expert by any means. Just another...
  20. JayJay144

    Afghan Interpreters, Others Fast-tracking to Canada

    Canada could have ended up hiring nazi scientists like the US had that been the case. It wasn't too long after the war though that Italians (47) and Germans (1950) were allowed to immigrate to Canada. taken off the enemy aliens list. getting back on track though it's a sticky topic. Canada...