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  1. portcullisguy

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    Thanks for that. Assuming at least some portions of Mods 1 and 2 are distance learning, that means about 7 weeks away from work/home. Cheers.
  2. portcullisguy

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    Hello, I am back in the ARes as an Inf Corporal after 6+ years of supp res, and back on this forum after 8 years of inactivity. And now I am back pretty much where I started, on a pre-plq. I had previously done mods 1-5 of the old PLQ over several training cycles but never got to finish mod 6...
  3. portcullisguy


    You bring up a good point.  In a basic law class they bring up the issue of cause and effect with this age-old question:  "If a man who jumps off a building passes a window at the exact moment another man fires a gun out of the window, killing the falling man, is he guilty for causing his...
  4. portcullisguy

    Border guards start using their new pistols.

    Well, I've read the policies and they certainly aren't screwing around - drawing a firearm must be reported, as with any defensive tools.  Although to be honest just unsnapping a holster (or dropping the hood), it would be left up to the officer to write the report, unless someone else saw it...
  5. portcullisguy

    Vehicle Searches at Border are Illegal - news article

    Section 111 is for inland investigations. For example, person A imports a car and provides bogus paperwork, which someone doesn't catch until later on.  Investigations gets a referral, and drafts a warrant to search the person's house and seize original bills of sale, the vehicle itself, etc...
  6. portcullisguy

    Weapon allowed on plane

    Bear spray on an airplane is a really stupid idea.  Aerosols such as OC and bear spray have been banned from passenger cabins for a long time, long before 9/11 and heightened security. The reason is, if the container leaks, then everybody on board (including the pilot) will potentially be...
  7. portcullisguy

    CAN Border Gd Use of Force Trainers Getting Psych Testing

    Got my official email today... I am going to Ottawa for three weeks on March 5th to do the next phase of the training. Just looking over the pre-course info now. Looks like there's no fooling around here, the standards are as high as you would expect -- 225/250 minimum score on the RCMP...
  8. portcullisguy

    CAN Border Gd Use of Force Trainers Getting Psych Testing

    Well, did my psych interview on Friday.  Apparently quite a few names from GTA also doing it, although I was not privy to the list. And yep, it followed that formula.  MMPI-2 followed by PF-16, two common battery tests.  Followed by a structured stress interview, which involved the candidate...
  9. portcullisguy

    CAN Border Gd Use of Force Trainers Getting Psych Testing

    Well, I just did my interview last week. Although I cannot disclose many of the details, I can say that it was fairly cookie cutter, and the interview board included an RCMP trainer.  It seemed to cover a wide range of details, and reminded me of a police initial hiring interview (i.e...
  10. portcullisguy

    Muslim policewoman refuses to shake chief's hand

    I would've loved to be in that class as a kid... I was such a **** disturber when I was a lad, I could have really had fun with that one at her expense... but seriously, sometimes you really need to see someone's mouth moving to comprehend what they are actually saying, so I can understand how...
  11. portcullisguy

    Why Not The Legion?

    You don't even have to join your local Legion.  They have a "military members at large" branch, administered from Ottawa, which is specifically for serving CF members (reg and res) who wish to join but don't want to associate with any particular branch at present. I joined 4 years ago...
  12. portcullisguy

    Taliban Says it Will Open Schools in Afghanistan

    ...And even if girls were allowed to go to school, you can bet they'd be in the full burkas and learning only religious subjects, such as how to be a good wife (or at least, one of four).
  13. portcullisguy

    Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    Cheers, that's what I thought. On the subject of being out of uniform, I've seen some PRes troops in Toronto here out at the odd bar (and I mean it really was an odd bar, as in very Goth/Punk/Retro/Skater/Rock, my kinda bar) in their Cadpat, drinking up a storm and completely abusing the...
  14. portcullisguy

    Wearing Uniform in Public (merged)

    This afternoon, whilst on my way through the baggage hall of my terminal, where I work as a border cop, my eye caught something amiss.  Errr... or was it? There, in my baggage hall, was a fellow wearing Cadpat, collecting his luggage, after arriving from a flight.  His head looked sort of...
  15. portcullisguy

    LEO Witticisms

    A gentleman of "questionable social and moral character" got me good once. Customs secondary exam, large Canadian airport.  Passenger who resembles cross between Steven Segal (looks-wise) and Marlon Brando (speech and mannerisms) comes into secondary area, slams gym bag down, exclaims "Search...
  16. portcullisguy

    Having another job while in the CF...is it possible?

    And God Bless the pizza places in Pet for having ex and current military drivers.  I am told you can even have a pizza delivered to a grid reference, during an ex.  Although if your RQM staff feel generous, picking it all up with a van usually isn't a problem...  :P
  17. portcullisguy

    Re: Navy ties up its fleet

    Yep. Britain has had a very long connection with the sea (think Drake's privateering, and the defeat of the Spanish Armada, for starters -- no nation could invade Britain without crossing water, no matter how powerful their army was).  Consequently, the navy was the only branch of the military...
  18. portcullisguy

    CAN Border Gd Use of Force Trainers Getting Psych Testing

    As a border officer who has thrown my name in the hat for the use of force trainer job, I have a huge interest in what happens with the arming initiative, and what is going on with the whole process of selection. On the topic of psych testing, I have a few comments. First, the CBSA should have...
  19. portcullisguy

    CF PLQ in Petawawa

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with my friend and fellow infanteer. I am currently in an acting supervisory position with my work (for those who don't know, I'm a "border services officer" aka customs inspector), and I have had the opportunity to apply lessons that I've learned from the PLQ I...
  20. portcullisguy

    No Fuel for Navy Ships?

    I was just watching CBC News this morning, and they ran a story on the Navy being unable to put a ship to sea for a 35-day patrol -- for a lack of fuel.  Although the MND apparently solved this particular case, the Navy is still $25M short for fuel for the rest of the fleet. Egads!  Are we that...