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  1. dawsonj

    Electric Distribution [ED] Tech

    so no cons to speak of? thats good :) thanks for the info. the link you posted isn't working for me though?
  2. dawsonj

    Electric Distribution [ED] Tech

    I'm planning on a component transfer to ED Tech reg. Anybody here in that trade have pro's or cons for me to consider? Is there any other better trades like it? edit: crap, I just noticed the sub board for this exact subject. If this gets moved I'll be thankful :)
  3. dawsonj

    New CT process

    I posted asking for help about this and got a link to this thread. I'm not seeing a link to the application I was told existed by the recruiting office I called. Is there actual page with the application on it to fill out? I looked through here looking for links but those I clicked on didn't work.