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  1. 63 Delta

    Info re: Second Division #6 District Company - Second World War

    I dont have any specific information on your grandfather, and I, unfortunately, am not familiar with #6 District Company. But if you think your Grandfather fought with 2nd Division in France to Germany, you should check out map.project44.ca. The web map is in Beta, so still rough around the...
  2. 63 Delta

    GoC Obstructive as always

    Rifleman62, thank you very much for the shoutout to our project. Funding is certainly a difficult venture. There are not a lot of government grants for history and heritage, and they require a history of previous projects which can make it difficult for new innovators to come along. FJAG, your...
  3. 63 Delta

    PERs : All issues questions...2018-current

    Thanks for the reply. It took a lot of digging, but we finally found the same answer. It's just unfortunate that the people who are supposed to know never seem to know, and give the wrong advice. In this instance, went out of their way to change a members PT result from Not Tested to Failed.
  4. 63 Delta

    PERs : All issues questions...2018-current

    If a member is injured while participating in the FORCE Test, and is unable to complete the test afterwords due to TCAT, what should there PER say for the fitness test portion? I feel it falls under the Not Tested category as the member was unable to complete the test to things out of his...
  5. 63 Delta

    Upcoming Changes to the Dress Manual

    The Military Factor is defined as: It is important to note that the TC analyses, as applied to the CAF, also provide latitude to determine the dollar value of the unique aspects of CAF service. The most obvious example is the Military Factor, which values the major characteristics of military...
  6. 63 Delta

    Honours & Awards (merged)

    Question IRT to time towards a medal. What is considered time? In example short TAV's on named Ops that don't qualify as an attach posting. Do those days count towards medal criteria? Specifically culmuative days.
  7. 63 Delta

    Tiny House Option

    A lot of tiny homes are mounted on trailers to circumvent the whole building code fight. So in that sense, when you are posted you are entitled to an allowance to haul a trailer. If your tiny home was on a foundation like a regular home then I don't know, but I can't imagine they would do that.
  8. 63 Delta

    Politics in 2017

    That is why I only gave them my spam inbox  ;D
  9. 63 Delta

    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    Re-digging this post up. I have one in trade PER, followed by two PER Exemptions for 2 years in a row do to trades training. I had PER's from my previous trade 3 years ago, and am unsure if they would be used in this circumstance do to the timeframe. Any insight would be appreciated.
  10. 63 Delta

    Leave - Recall and Other Issues [MERGED]

    http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/caf-community-benefits/leave-policy.page#chap7 What level of substantiation is reasonable for compassionate leave? Example, if a member has a spouse who is dealing with an illness, what is reasonable to ask for proof?
  11. 63 Delta

    Cadets Joining the Reserves - Can it be Both?

    If going to summer camp wont affect your swearing in for the Reserves I would still go. I had some amazing times when I was at summer camp and learned some great life skills. While I'm sure you are ready to join up, you are obviously younger than 19 and joining the Reserves after the summer is...
  12. 63 Delta

    The Defence Budget [superthread]

    Budget can be found here: http://www.budget.gc.ca/2016/docs/plan/budget2016-en.pdf. TLDR...not much to read.
  13. 63 Delta

    canadian forces real time strategy game

    I also enjoy gaming... Take a look at this one I found: It's free and is called Comma Chameleon. It has great reviews and is a must for any serious forum lurker.
  14. 63 Delta

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Can you define a sortie for me? If a flight of 2 CF-188's take off on a mission, is that 1 or 2 sorties?
  15. 63 Delta

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Any chance the new ships we are getting will be built in a process like this? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ac9_1444671346 Seems like quite the production line.
  16. 63 Delta

    Armor Warfare

    Downloaded it yesterday... already have 6 tanks. Doesnt take long to get some fun tier II stuff. Its a great game so far! If anyone wants to add me, "SixThreeDelta" on Armored Warfare.
  17. 63 Delta

    World Of Warships

    Yes, the American cruisers early on do look like quickly modified merchant vessels. But once you get your first BB, you will realize size doesn't always matter! When it takes 30 seconds to reload, and another 7 seconds for your rounds to travel 10km, to find out all your shots missed.... you'll...
  18. 63 Delta

    World Of Warships

    I played last night with my St Louis CA which has all the Modules... I managed to destroy 2 BB, 2 CA and 2 DD . Best game Ive had yet. I used a BB to draw most of the fire against the BB's than used my HE shells to attack their guns. I love just how much fire the St Louis can rain down in one...
  19. 63 Delta

    Election 2015

    I think I may have found Thomas Mulcairs doppelganger... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRWAQ255qhs
  20. 63 Delta

    Election 2015

    Anyone having a problem watching the Munk Debates? I cant seem to get on the website at all. Does anyone know if the debates are being streamed elsewhere? Or if they will be available on Youtube later? I liked that the Globe and Mail streamed the debate on Youtube and you could pause and replay...