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  1. bcbarman

    Return of NDI 75: Veteran Service Card [Merged]

    Thanks all. got the card last week, had a photo with hair and a beard that was for certain not regimental! Here is to hoping that the airlines will still be flying and I can take advantage of some extra baggage! Stay safe y'all
  2. bcbarman

    Return of NDI 75: Veteran Service Card [Merged]

    I submitted my application in Nov of 2019, has anyone from this batch heard back?  I got out 5 years ago and I was told that I was the least complicated of files.  Not too sure what the timeline is. Cheers
  3. bcbarman

    February 2015: Sgt. Mark Salesse, R.I.P.

    RIP Mark,  You were a great friend and an amazing Forces member.  May you continue to climb the mountains you loved...
  4. bcbarman

    Need Advice

    Any experience is good experience.  A policing co-op will instruct you on basic laws such as the criminal code and other provincial acts.  As for direct experience to the CF, I doubt there is anything more then wearing a uniform, discipline and possibly drill. I say go for it, you would at...
  5. bcbarman

    CBSA uniforms found in Vancouver dumpster, raising suspicions

    The uniform flashes are controlled, just like at Corrections.  This guy is in for a bit of a discipline hearing, its clearly outlined in the policy of disposal of uniforms. BTW, a section 98 involves someone taking their spiderman underoos off. Section 98 of the Customs act.
  6. bcbarman

    Victoria Cross winners in Peacetime

    Thank you all, should make for an interesting speech. Cheers
  7. bcbarman

    Victoria Cross winners in Peacetime

    I am giving the toast to the Rifles (formerly the Royal Green Jackets) at my upcoming mess dinner.  Through my research, I found one of their VC winners was awarded his decoration for putting out a fire on a munitions truck in Quebec. I was wondering if anyone has come across another...
  8. bcbarman

    P.E.I. is considering special plates for Drunk Drivers

    The "we should" is kinda irrelevant when I am pretty sure "we can't"  I think this would be a charter violation, not to mention a huge Privacy Act situation.  The appeals and right to sue is a bit too dangerous, so I am sure there is a lawyer working for the PEI Gov that will say "not worth the...
  9. bcbarman

    Doing business with Americans? HSBC has some (hilarious) cultural advice

    I deal with 200-500 United States residents a day. I lived in Dallas, Texas for 6 months.  I know of what I speak. A stereotype is a preconceived notion of cultural behaviors.  Are there more people that defy the stereotype then define it??  Probably.  Could I give you a breakdown of the...
  10. bcbarman

    Doing business with Americans? HSBC has some (hilarious) cultural advice

    What American's are we talking about here???  The same ones that sue a coffee company because it was too hot??  The same ones that have warning labels on everything because "its not my fault, I'll sue the company to get free stuff" Don't get me wrong, I work with American's everyday, I like the...
  11. bcbarman

    Forced to pay / belong to a mess [Merged]

    Speaking of combined Officer/Sr NCO messes there is a inherent problem in that the numbers of both messes are small compared to that of the Jr's. (at least in the reserves, larger bases probably do better) I do have an issue with combined messes but I strongly support a combined Bar.  If laid...
  12. bcbarman

    B. P. union blasts Homeland Security instructions to 'run away' and 'hide'

    I want to know if this course was designed for armed officers, or the entire federal service in general, sort of the like the same crap that they push on all the members of the treasury department (eg, your rights as an employee:  I tell my SSM that I dont feel that he is respecing my rights to...
  13. bcbarman

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    :o Brackets, Exponents, Divide, Multiply, Add, Subtract....  That took me a few minutes to scroll through the mental Rolodex
  14. bcbarman

    Officer at 16/17?

    Amb, I'll offer up a bit of free advice, and like everyone else, take it as what it is, advice.  (and you get what you pay for) Officer training is HARD!! The failure rate on most courses is pretty high compared to the NCM courses.  If you take your BMOQ right out of cadets, you will be...
  15. bcbarman

    A new low for refugees in Canada

    awww, there is no agony_aunt.com  :( Got to love the copy and paste crowd, just throw stuff up there to start the garbage. I reread the article, and the subject is a failed claimant, therefor, none of the changes will affect him, heck, he is in Canada illegally, with a departure order...
  16. bcbarman

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    (why do I feel like I am feeding trools here????) ATTENTION ALL APPLICANTS!!! due to the Canadian Forces becoming an employer of choice, there are fewer and fewer spots open every day.  In order to be COMPETITIVE, it is recommeded that you put your best foot forward at all times.  The...
  17. bcbarman

    A new low for refugees in Canada

    Canada's immigration system when it comes to refugees is broken, that is a statement from the Immigration Minister.  When the minister responsible comes out and says that, it holds weight. There are 2 types of refugee's where Canada is concerned: The first are the UN Convention refugees, those...
  18. bcbarman

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    :deadhorse: whoa nelly, lay right there girl.. The TEST is administered by the computer The INTERVIEW is conducted by a live, breathing, mostly awake, pretty well trained Military Career councilor.  The MCC is more then likely sitting in his/her well pressed, clean uniform.  The MCC probably...
  19. bcbarman

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    Fine, but attention to detail is an indicator of work ethic, but so is everything else in a person's presentation.  When you meet someone for the first time, it takes about 30 seconds to make an assessment of them.  Dirty clothes scream SLOB faster then expensive clothes.  How about trendy...
  20. bcbarman

    Enrollment / Swearing In Ceremony [MERGED]

    "Overdressing" is a moot point.  I don't care if you are going to sweep floors or swim sewage ditches at the job you are interviewing for, you put your best foot forward.  I have done hiring in both the CF as a recruiter and in the civvy world as a manager, and the mantra is true. You dress for...