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  1. Muscles And Brains

    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    The food better be good for 500$...if it's not, could I prep my own food since I'm an athlete?
  2. Muscles And Brains

    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    I meant for PAT Platoon, since we are paying for the room about 500$, is it at least a single?
  3. Muscles And Brains

    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    Thanks, but I'm referring to PAT Platoon. Do you have any info on that?
  4. Muscles And Brains

    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    Hi,         Im looking for info for the apartment given to students as the Canadian Forces Health Services School in Borden Ontario. I've asked this question before but for some reason never got an answer. I need to know if we get a bed? If not, can we buy one on base? Is the room a single...
  5. Muscles And Brains

    Borden Thread- Merged

    Hi,         I just got accepted to the RegF and got my leadership school waived from my time in the PRes. They told me that I need to go to Borden for September 13, 2016. I have a few questions regarding the apartments in Borden for the Healtg Services School. My apologies if these were asked...
  6. Muscles And Brains

    CT to MedTech

    Hi,         I put in my request to CT back in May 2013 for MedTech. I have been in talks with someone from Ottawa. I am just not sure how long it should take to become RegF. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am currently a Pte in the ACISS reserve, and I should be a Cpl in...
  7. Muscles And Brains


    Thank you! Anyone know how to apply for DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team)?
  8. Muscles And Brains


    Hi,         I am completing my transfer from Primary Reserve (ACISS) to Regular Force (Med Tech). And I applied (as a preference) to stay in the Army. Is it still possible to be posted to a Navy Base. I really want to live in Victoria! What about Air Force Base since Comox is my second choice...
  9. Muscles And Brains

    What knife would you recommend?

    Just wondering, for field training, what knife would you use? CPGear has a couple but I'm not sure which one is good!
  10. Muscles And Brains

    Will I keep my rank once I go from PRes to RegF?

    Ya well, the other option is you do the full time reserves. In comparison, you get to keep your rank, the pay is different and you pretty much get to choose the operations your on. Being reserves may take a 15% deduction of pay in comparison to RF but you keep your rank and your leadership role!
  11. Muscles And Brains

    Length of a Contract

    Ok, please let me know what the abbreviations mean. I'm new to the Forces.
  12. Muscles And Brains

    Signing Bonus

    Hi, I heard from a friend that signing bonus' exist for certain trades. Anyone know anything about this? I'm looking for MP for the most part.
  13. Muscles And Brains

    Length of a Contract

    Thanks everyone for helping me out!
  14. Muscles And Brains

    Length of a Contract

    Hi, Currently I'm a reservists with the 34th Signals Reg based in Montreal. I want to join the Military Police after I finish Police Technology at John Abbott College. Does anyone know the general length of a contract? If it changes anything, upon graduation I will have 5 years in the forces and...
  15. Muscles And Brains

    wanting to rejoin

    You get a 2 character code upon your discharge which tells the application-managers of the CF if you are worth taking back. If you got dishonourably discharged then I doubt you can get re-admitted. However, if you want the best chances, then show them something like you were off drugs for this...
  16. Muscles And Brains

    Question about Physiotherapist Officer

    Physiotherapy is one of the "tricky" trades. By Canadian Law, to get your PT license you need a Master's degree. The forces would pay for it, however if you ask them to pay for an undergraduate first then you must do your service first. Since an undergraduate does not certify you, then it must...
  17. Muscles And Brains

    Will I keep my rank once I go from PRes to RegF?

    It's a case-by-case scenario. I've asked that question with respect to ACISS trade. They told me that depending on demand they will either keep or drop your rank, but your pay stays with the rank your currently in until such time as your new trade surpasses the old pay.
  18. Muscles And Brains

    NCM SEP - College then CF Help?

    There are many budget cuts right now. Ask your local CFRC, I think they're is only like 8 careers that the CF will pay for via the NCM SEP program. If you want a paid education, you got better chances with the ROTP program.
  19. Muscles And Brains


    You will do down to OCdt while you're doing your trade course / university. Upon graduation, it depends on the length of time you're in the Reserves and the demand of the Trade that you're applying for. When I asked to go from Caporal Reserves to Reg Force, they kept my pay but dropped me to...