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  1. Chang

    Inf Reservist with BMQ and BMQ-Land switching to Artillery?

    I went throught an OT a few months back. Your BMQ and BMQ-L will transfer over and providing the process is successful, your next career course will be DP1 Arty. To start the process, you have to inform your chain of command who will inform the orderly room and deal with the paperwork. Once the...
  2. Chang

    nsce,get an offical score

    All I received back when I did it in '04 was a certificate. Nothing with scores written on it.
  3. Chang

    Renouncing Foreign Citizenship

    I have dual citizenship (ROC) and on the level 2 security clearance application there's an area for holders of dual citizenship where you have to explain why you want to retain your second citizenship. I was able to get my clearance without problems.
  4. Chang

    Perception of a quitter

    I think he means your choice of words. You don't "apply" to become a corporal, you are selected and promoted to corporal.
  5. Chang

    Reserve Questions

    A good majority of the guys from my reserves unit (39 Service) are university students. It really comes down to how much of a commitment you want to put in. We meet every Wednesday night plus some weekends and the unit is pretty accommodating if you have to skip an odd weekend/weeknight due to...
  6. Chang

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    The owner of that website seems to be confused about how the CF works. There are many references to the regular force being the army, the navy and the air force not being part of the regular force, and the reserves not being part of the military at all. I'd be highly skeptical of the study...
  7. Chang

    Reserve NCM to Reserve Officer

    I just commissioned after 7 years as a reserves NCM here's what i got equivalency for BMQ = BMOQ part 1 nothing else counted. I'm currently on BMOQ part 2 and have to redo everything even though my SQ/BMQ-L covers most of the field work. nothing in BMQ/SQ/Trades training is equivalent to...
  8. Chang

    Reservists Job Protection Superthread

    Yes I've came across the second document before, but I didn't think it was too applicable due to this clause: Is this a reference to our career courses? Based on reading that legislation, I thought it was merely for guys being deployed and their work-up training.
  9. Chang

    Reservists Job Protection Superthread

    Anything like this available for BC? Would definitely be nice to have.
  10. Chang

    Summer 2012 BMQ/SQ for 39 CBG?

    last I heard everyone is busy with Cougar Salvo and course loading has been put on the back burner.
  11. Chang

    CPGear Tac-Vest Hydration Harness

    How well does this piece of kit work with the 82 ruck and the smallpack? This would be a nice-to-have for a ruck march but will the rucksack crush the hydration pouch?
  12. Chang

    Looking at DEO LOG,

    I've heard from many recruiters and guys that have re-joined that previous service will most likely bog you down as they have to draw service records from Ottawa, which is an extra step.
  13. Chang

    Joining Reserves while working up north

    You need to parade at least every three weeks during Sept to May to not go NES (non effective strength, aka getting booted out) so working full time elsewhere during the year is not viable. There is the ED & T option which allows you to get permission to take a longer amount of time off...
  14. Chang

    Which Cap Badge to wear?

    Ended up being the same case as wook. Presented with EME cap badge and instructed to sort it out
  15. Chang

    Which Cap Badge to wear?

    Thanks for the replies! @blackberet: not course loaded yet, but I've heard nice things about aldershot. @wook: are you referring to the trade cap badge or the cornflake?
  16. Chang

    Which Cap Badge to wear?

    Hi all, I am an army reservist and recently signed my acceptacnce offer for EME officer through the SCP and accepted a position as 2LT-2. Currently I am authorized to wear the logistics cap badge. Do I continue to wear my log NCM badge or change to cornflake/EME? My next career course is CAP...
  17. Chang

    Role of Officer vs job of NCM [Merged]

    Get that CT application in early too... 2 of my friends who are CT/OT MARS (one from CIC, one from army reserves) have been waiting for over a year and a half for the NOAB call.
  18. Chang

    CT Offers for Officers

    I've been waiting a year and a bit for mine to go through but finally succumbed and got another job. However, I'm gonna keep waiting to see what happens. Good luck!
  19. Chang

    EME Officer Reserve Unit Contact

    bit off track here but do you have any information regarding what the streamlined version of the reserves EME phase courses will look like?
  20. Chang

    WHEN IS the next Naval Officer Assessment Board (NOAB) ?

    last time I spoke with my file manager, he said there won't be anymore planned until after April 1st.