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  1. royalnomad

    earlier cos date

    Hi, here is my predicament. My COS date is 13 July 09 to BTL. i found on the intranet that there is a Ql3 starting on 3 July 09. what is the procedure on how to ask for an earlier report date.  i know it would be a memo, but addressed to who, ie, my CO, new career manager, or the CO of BTL. I...
  2. royalnomad

    Canadian Combat Action Badge - Now A Dead Idea (Merged Threads)

    me wanting one is irrelevant. and saying that i was denigrating people. i never said that so please dont put words in my mouth.  and i didnt bash any one specifically as you bashed me personally.
  3. royalnomad

    Canadian Combat Action Badge - Now A Dead Idea (Merged Threads)

    my opinion.  "the whinners win again"
  4. royalnomad

    training dates

    would anyone happen to know the training dates for the netp and the ql3 bosn, over the nent year. Tks
  5. royalnomad

    bosn ?

    I just got my AVOTP msg, and i was wondering if any one has a link to the Ql3 course outline. I heard from some one that the Ql3 is now incorperating the ships bording party course, is this true? tks
  6. royalnomad

    OT offers 09

    Just got my VOT today.
  7. royalnomad

    OT offers 09

    what about now. LOL
  8. royalnomad

    More sailors needed for Canada's warships

    Hello all, my ot is in and hope to get my msg in march.  another one leaving the army .
  9. royalnomad

    GPS-Garmin user maps of Afghanistan?

    hi your best bet is if or when you get there hit up the geo techs and they can up load all the info you will need. Just remember any maps you get from people here with any info on positions of friendly positions or anything relating to isaf are considerd isaf secret. So be weary on who knows.
  10. royalnomad

    bosn question

    Tks for the info
  11. royalnomad

    bosn question

    hi can anyone tell me how many ql3 courses they run a year and on which coast do they usualy run on. Tks for the help