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  1. Dirty Patricia

    New skill badges recognize unique naval operations qualifications

    Did the RCN switch to metal skill badges for all of their skill badges on DEU tunics? I thought I saw a couple of pictures with sailors with metal diver badges on their tunics. If so, why the change? Are the other services going to follow suit?
  2. Dirty Patricia

    White School - Pashmul

    I am looking for any photos of the White School in Pashmul for a presentation I am doing.  Any photos and specifically an electronic copy of an aerial photo would be awesome.  PM me if you have any and I will givie you an email you can send them to.  Thanks.
  3. Dirty Patricia

    Christmas is coming, post gift ideas here.

  4. Dirty Patricia

    Favourite War Movies

    I am pretty sure TOW TRIPOD was in Stripes!  :cheers:
  5. Dirty Patricia

    Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation: 1PPCLI, 1RCR & 3R22eR

    The only time I seem to come on here is to stick up for poor TOW Tripod!!  First, CONGRATULATIONS to him on HIS CDS Commendation and another congratulations for not being afraid to say what a lot troops are thinking.  I know I was fuming after reading his citation and then seeing what others had...
  6. Dirty Patricia

    Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation: 1PPCLI, 1RCR & 3R22eR

    Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation Announcement September 23, 2010 Governor General Announces the Awarding of the Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation OTTAWA—Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, announces that the...
  7. Dirty Patricia

    Afghan Medals Process (merged)

    DND News Release: Changes to Recognition for Overseas Service NR - 10.015 - March 17, 2010 OTTAWA – The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, today announced changes to the South-West Asia Service Medal (SWASM), the General Campaign Star (GCS) and the General Service Medal...
  8. Dirty Patricia

    They're baaack! Ceremonial Guard inspected by the Governor General

    The Sgt helping them off parade looks like he ate enough breakfasts for the whole Guard.
  9. Dirty Patricia

    Ottawa mulls role in Afghanistan past 2011

    That douche has earned the right to speak on Afghanistan without being personally attacked by some internet tough guy.  I would put money on you not having the courage to call him a douche to his face. 
  10. Dirty Patricia

    Tactical Helicopter Observer Qualification Badge

    Not a day of service as a reg force soldier. There were some and he did to it - I'll give him that much. Those are the ones he wears (picture below) and he didn't have them on his uniform until he returned from Bosnia.  He says outright that he was awarded them after being qualified as a Msn...
  11. Dirty Patricia

    Tactical Helicopter Observer Qualification Badge

    I'm trying to find some official regulations or instructions regarding this, but I'm not having much luck.  I 'm pretty sure I'm on track, but I'd like to be sure.  It's one of those cases that generally angers most members of any military I'd reckon - that insecure poser that figures he'll...
  12. Dirty Patricia

    British soldiers return to wearing the Tommy helmet as Army unveils new equipmen

    It's too bad we can't push ahead at the same pace in regards to replacing some of our equipment: tacvest, design of cbt clothing, boots, wpns sight.......  Good on them for going with a commercial boot and giving the soldiers a choice of two designs, Meindl or Lowa.
  13. Dirty Patricia

    Sgt. Scott Shipway Killed 7 Wounded- Sept 7/ 2008

    I know I'm missing a party tonight, because I'm sure Vaughan is waiting at the Pearly Gates for Ship to show up with a 40 of Rye and a case of beer.
  14. Dirty Patricia

    Medals and Stars

    xxxxx xxxxxxx mentioned an interview he did with the CDS, in which the CDS states: “We're in the process of moving to change all that and to recognize that somebody who's served in Afghanistan, that it's distinctly Afghanistan, recognized with a medal and if you have served there multiple tours...
  15. Dirty Patricia

    Joining CSOR early

    In 1PPCLI we sent off about six guys from my company - all new privates and some with as few as 2 or 3 months in the bn.  They applied right after the CSOR info brief and were literally on course a few weeks later after completing the necessary testing in Edmonton. 
  16. Dirty Patricia

    Uniforms at RMC

    I have to say that the US Army shirts are pretty much as ugly as ours.  They are getting rid of them though, to switch to a grey shirt as part of their blue (the traditional colour of the US Army) ASU.  As mentioned in a Uniform thread, I would like to see the Army adopt a Khaki service dress. ...
  17. Dirty Patricia

    Uniforms at RMC

    That shirt is horrible.  Besides the bad cut and cheap material is that nasty colour.  We (the Army) need a much sharper uniform.
  18. Dirty Patricia

    Sacrifice Medal Mega Thread

    That prototype is ugly.  Having to wear that would be extra incentive not to get hit!
  19. Dirty Patricia

    The Forgotten Tours: Op Halo/Op Sculpture: After almost 10 years -- still no medal or recognition

    On Op Archer Roto 1, members of TF Orion were even closer that for time towards the GCS (ISAF), but nobody in the BG got it.  We were all awarded the SWASM for our time on OEF.  You think an exception might have been made for the BG that set the conditions for the transition from OEF to ISAF. ...
  20. Dirty Patricia

    Soldiers serving outside the wire are asking for more money

    Before some clerk jumps all over me, there is a Level 0 Hardship Allowance, so technically there are 7 levels (0 to 6).