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  1. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Medical items $& Boots

    Good day y'all! I haven't been here for a while, but I am looking to sell a few items. All are in used, but really good condition. PM me if you are interested! CTOMS Slimline IFAK (empty), black: 40$ + S&H CTOMS Dump pouch, OD, 15$ + S&H CTOMS TK pouches with C-A-Ts, OD: 25$ + S&H TacMed...
  2. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Garmin Foretrex 401

    Hey guys. Selling my « as new » Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS watch. 125$ Let me know.
  3. ArmyMedic645

    FS: CTOMS and other medical pouches

    Good day y’all. I’m selling my CTOMS CFAK, OD, in good condition. I’m also selling and injection pouch (CTOMS, new), Tourniquet pouch (CTOMS 2nd gen), London bridge lbx large pouches (4) and mesh pouches (2), and finally, a Blackhawk tactical flashlight. Everything is in good condition...
  4. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Militaria

    Hi folks, letting go of my battledress uniform, Korea era. I would prefer to sell everything at once, but I’m open to sell anything by itself. Everything is in excellent condition. Some items appear unissued. See pictures for sizes/years of manufacturing. Buyer pays S & H. Thank you. Webgear...
  5. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Snugpak Sleeka Elite reversible jacket

    Hi guys, Selling my Snugpak Sleeka Elite reversible jacket, size medium, black/OD green. Almost new, with compression bag. 90$ neg. Thanks
  6. ArmyMedic645

    ISO/WTB CTOMS 1st Line Medic pouch

    You wouldn't also be looking for a ctoms 2nd pack, by any chance? I got one for you 😜
  7. ArmyMedic645

    WTS: CTOMS 2nd line main pack

    Hi guys, I'm selling my very slightly used CTOMS 2nd line Pack. 275$ without the pouches or 400$ with them. Shipping TBD. Pm me!
  8. ArmyMedic645

    WTB: Tommy helmet liner and c-5 knife

    I am collecting uniforms and web gear from WWII and 82' era. So I am more interested into genuine items.
  9. ArmyMedic645

    WTB: Tommy helmet liner and c-5 knife

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a genuine Mk. II Tommy helmet liner laying around? I'm also searching for a C-5 knife, the one that was use to open food cans in the 82' pattern webbing. Thank you.
  10. ArmyMedic645

    For Sale: Medical pouches & Accessories

    To anyone interested, this stuff is still for sale.
  11. ArmyMedic645

    For Sale: Medical pouches & Accessories

    Hi, I have a good amount of medical pouches and accessories for medical bag to clear out of my garage. 1x CTOMS Streamline, Tan, (made for Tacvest)              30$ 2x CTOMS 2nd line pack, Book Folder pouch,                  25$ each 2x CTOMS 1st gen Mars panel (with ShockCords           ...
  12. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Tachyon XC High definition Helmet Cam

    Hi Guys, I'm selling my ''like new'' only used twice, HD helmet cam made by Tachyon XC. The camera works on AA batteries, is mounted by a clip on the side or the top of your helmet. It works good, gives an excellent quality of image and records the sound. I have the whole kit with the...
  13. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Boots & Bags

    Hi guys, Now sellin' Danners boots, Tan, sz 7.5 almost new, worn for about 2 weeks. 75$ Israeli kit bag, black, 20$ Paratrooper bag, OD, 30$ USMC Ranger Blanket, green patern, 20$ thank you.
  14. ArmyMedic645

    WTB: Old Canvas shoulder bag WH2 / WH5

    Hi, I'm looking for an old canvas shoulder bag, the one that we use to have in BMQ to carry our books around. Does anyone have that somewhere in their basement? I've looked around internet, and apparently they are WH2 / WH5 type canvas bag. I was not able to find the ''Canadian'' one that we...
  15. ArmyMedic645

    FS: SORD Chest rig, Khaki

    Hey guys, I'm selling my Sord Australia chest rig, the exact same as the one issued on Roto 10. It's used, but as it was clean quite often, it shows little signs of wear and is still in a very good condition. Paid over 400$ for this, selling for 225$. Here's what's offered: 1x SCS front...
  16. ArmyMedic645

    FS: CTOMS 1st Line pouch.

    Hello guys, me again. Selling my slightly used CTOMS 1st line TCCC pouch. 70$ Shipped.
  17. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Snugpak Sleeka Jacket size Large.

    Sold. Thank you
  18. ArmyMedic645

    FS: Snugpak Sleeka Jacket size Large.

    Selling my Snugoak Sleeka Jacket with compression bag, color green. It's been worn for about a month, but it's too large for me. it goes for 75$, shipping included. SNUGPAK Original CODE GREEN Sleeka Jacket The CODE GREEN Sleeka Jacket is the original mid layer insulated garment from Snugpak...
  19. ArmyMedic645

    FS: 5.11 hrt Desert boots

    hi guys! I'm selling my 5.11 HRT desert boots. I've worn them 2 times only, so there pretty much new.. 100$ shipping included. thank you.
  20. ArmyMedic645

    FS: TSSI M9 Assault Medical Backpack, Ranger Green

    Good day Gentlemen! Here I am today selling my tac surv's Medical bag. It's been up and down the trail with me in the Sandbox, so it's used, but it is still in an excellent shape. It goes for 175$ Shipping included. I will post pics, upon request. Until then, here's the link. Mo...