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  1. PPCLI Guy

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I watched this testimony live stream. It was a shocking statement.
  2. PPCLI Guy

    2021 federal budget and the CAF

    My son is a first time buyer here in Ottawa. He lost multiple bids on townhouses in Orleans listed at 400K and going for over 500k. He finally succeeded with a condo townhouse that was listed at 400K and he got it at 530K. That is insane.
  3. PPCLI Guy

    2021 federal budget and the CAF

  4. PPCLI Guy

    Matthew Fisher dies - a giant of journalism

    A good man. Sat and chatted with him a number of times, in person and on the phone, including AStan and Iraq. Last time was in person in Norway in 2018... He will be missed.
  5. PPCLI Guy

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    I have attended all but one, and briefed at most of them. And no, I cannot nail down all the mandates...but have an innate sense of where to pitch stuff...
  6. PPCLI Guy

    VAC wait times

    Form submitted 23 March. Funds received today. Pretty efficient.
  7. PPCLI Guy

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    huh. I think from reading your posts that you might be a leader as well. What "senior leadership"? And based on what?
  8. PPCLI Guy

    Canada and the new US Army Multi-Domain Transformation 2021

    Canada wrote a Pan Domain Force Employment Concept 2 years ago that was ahead of all of our Allies. It has not been released except as a Draft for l Limited Discussion
  9. PPCLI Guy

    Infantry Tactics

    Blah blah. Ever ben a 2Lt with 10-40 weeks training in charge of dangerous people on a mission that cannot fail? As I get older, I find I have less patience for this rote denegation of people who are doing their jobs....because of their designation.
  10. PPCLI Guy

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    Of course.
  11. PPCLI Guy

    CPC Leadership Discussion 2020-21

    What horseshit. If Rio Tinto wants to make money, it should bear the risk. What the actual fuck?
  12. PPCLI Guy

    Dining Facility Blue's

    The difference between the DFAC in AStan 2006 and Baghdad / Kuwait 2016 was remarkable
  13. PPCLI Guy

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Would you feel comfortable telling your wife, sister, mother or daughter about it? Your priest? Your son? That is a good starting point.
  14. PPCLI Guy

    PPCLI Regimental Day

    The Regiment
  15. PPCLI Guy

    VAC wait times

    Hearing and tinnitus completed this week. Just waiting for the letter. 2 down, 9 to go
  16. PPCLI Guy

    GOFO Musical Chairs... LGen Frances Allen to be first female VCDS / LGen Rouleau shuffled

    I was his assisting officer. He was a Sgt at the time, came out of DB as a Private, and worked his way back up to being an RSM. A very impressive man in every sense of the word.
  17. PPCLI Guy

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    What does that even mean? How would it manifest itself? Who would do the "vetting"? Let's be very careful here. If you are saying that we can no longer trust anyone above the rank of Major (or perhaps above the age of 35) then we have major problems. Who is going to be in charge of this...