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    70th Anniversary Battle of Kapyong

    Well done, Mark, I could almost smell the cordite. May I add an honourable mention to 16 Field Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery, for the support to both the Patricias and to the Australians during the duration of the battle? This, of course, includes answering the call for fire on their...
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    Can you tell what rank someone is in Civilian clothes?

    I was issued a M1 helmet in September 1960 for OCP Phase One. Interestingly, the army called in something like "Helmet, UN". Later on, I came across a reference that indicated that circa 1943 or 1944 the Brits and us had seriously considered adopting it, and we had purchased at least 100,000 of...
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    Brian Urquhart, Troubleshooter for the U.N., Dies at 101

    He spoke to my staff college course in Kingston in 1971 about counter-insurgency and low intensity operations. I recall very little about his talk, other that he did say specific tactics that worked in one operation are not automatically transferable to another in a different country and...
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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    We used to say that we could stay back in the gun park and wear civvies to work.  :rofl: To get serious for a moment, I wonder what the time of flight for a range of 70 kms is. When I was at the school in the mid-seventies, the T&E section test fire an extended range full bore 155mm round using...
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    US hacked December 2020

    Could be, or he has just tuned out. I saw an interview a hour or so ago with Senator Angus King from Maine about the hacking. According to him, it started last winter, and was only discovered a short while ago by a private company. They are not sure, or are being very tight-lipped, about what...
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    A Canadian Rangers reset would help Armed Forces keep pace with a changing North

    I kid you not. At the time, mid-60s, when the Germans winter trialed Leos and a number of wheeled vehicles in Shilo, they acknowledged the same.
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    Non-Commissioned Pilots in the RCAF Discussion

    I think that it was picked up from the RAF, which apparently was doing this in the 1930s and later, to build up a pool of trained pilots available off the street in the even of war. Not 100% sure, but I developed this impression from reading credible histories.
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    Non-Commissioned Pilots in the RCAF Discussion

    If you will allow a superannuated brown job to intrude, aircrew retention has plagued the RCAF for just about as long as I can remember. As a lieutenant in a very junior staff job in HQ 4 CIBG in Germany in the mid-sixties, I remember our brigade commander's less-than-enthusiastic response when...
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    Trudeau invited Chinese troops to train at Canadian military bases

    This is vaguely related to an event that happened in the 70s or 80s. Canada sold a number of our military snowshoes to  the Chinese army. A certain Canadian colonel, better known for later being fired as Commander of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, headed a delegation that hosted a Chinese visit...
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    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    At least he was not a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen.
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    OCdt Speaks at Freedom Rally

    A walking poster for gun control.
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    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    And in case you were beginning to think common sense - which isn't all that common - would prevail, this story from Global News reproduced under the Fair Comment provisions of the Copyright Act, should return you to reality. CSIS warns about conspiracy theories linking COVID-19 to 5G technology...
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    What’s in a Soldier? How to Rebrand the Canadian Armed Forces

    In the 50s we restructured the Reserves into a national survival force to conduct post-nuclear strike recovery operations. The military side, getting to train on war fighting equipment, was discarded in favour of what was derisively referred to as "snakes and ladders". Military training is...
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    RIP David Prowse, Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy

    Can you imagine Darth Vader with a pace stick, bellowing "Markers"?
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    Photo Identification

    Could be, and given the ambiguity of a contextless snapshot viewed on the smallish screen of my Mac Book is why I was less than definite.
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    Photo Identification

    The male wearing the beret behind the two men in German uniforms appears to be military police, except he is not wearing a red cap. I made this assumption as he seems to be wearing a white cross belt, which was a cross strap with white blanco applied to it. He would also have been wearing a...
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    Black Sea Drill

    Could be it's seeking a place at the table.
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    Black Sea Drill

    You mean a big, electronic, multi-disciplinal target record book. Imagine calling for a fire mission all available. All the steel on the target would screw with earth's magnetic field!
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    Consideration for the Victoria Cross - Afghanistan

    A few observations after following this thread. First, to be awarded a decoration, one has to be recommended. Trite, but true. In my young officer days a long time ago, a common belief was that Canadian senior officers tended to not submit many recommendations for awards, citing as their reason...
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    I learned aircraft drills for the Buffalo on my Basic Para serial in 1968. At that time there was a Buffalo squadron in a tactical transport role in 10 TAG in FMC.