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    SHARP Training

    Hello I'm sure many people here have taken the old SHARP training and seen the wonderfully terrible videos of it. I was wondering if anyone knows where some old copies of the tapes might be. We have been scrounging around here at NOTC Venture and the base library at Naden and still haven't...
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    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of someplace where we could easily access the MARCORDs without DWAN access.  It doesn't seem like they would be sensitive information, that's a decision for several pay grades higher, but I realize that it might be.  If it is secure, please forgive my...
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    DND Video Game Order

    I know there was an issue with the game (though if memory serves I thought it was the Medal of honour game could be wrong though) and that Mackay had spoken out against it.  In the end though the company pulled the part where player get to play as Taliban and so the topic kind of fell off the...
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    Naval Officers Once Again to Wear the Executive Curl

    I apologise if this has been answered somewhere else already but the search function came up lacking.  I know the direction for the curl on our shoulders.  But what is the historical significance of the direction of the curl?  Seems like it could just be logic, but since when has the name done...
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    Wanted sweatshirt

    I have always liked those sweatshirts.  So if anyone knows of a place to get them I would also be interested.
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    RCN Seamanship Manual (50's or 60s)

    I would reccomend the naval museum in Esquimalt (a quick google search will give you their site) as they have a "secret" library that has a lot of great books.  Alternatively, try the library at NDHQ.  the librarians there are fantastic at finding that sort of thing.
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    Neptune's Notes

    A quick update, after having been in contact with the Esquimalt naval museum, they have a copy and have produced a digital version which will be on their website shortly.  I have read through it and while it is not quite the version we're looking for, it is closer.  It's also a very fun read...
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    Neptune's Notes

    Alright, so I've sent out a bunch of emails to various museums (I'll let you know if they find anything) and I've searched countless university libraries and the NDHQ library and still have not found anything.  Which means that the only place ;eft for someone to find a copy is buried in their...
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    Neptune's Notes

    With a great deal of pleasure I managed to find a copy of this in pdf from the HMCS Venture website. I'm not sure if this is the best version, but it seems to be the best we've got so far. http://www.hmcsventure.com/Venture_NeptuneNotes.pdf Hopefully someone has a better version if this is the...
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    Happy 100th to the Canadian Navy

    All the parties and celebrations have been amazing.  It has been a blast being here in Esquimalt this year.  I've also enjoyed seeing so many civvies getting into it.  There have been countless Naval Centennial fear sightings around town.  Actually speaking of centennial gear, one that saw but...
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    Wanted: Navy Centennial Jersey

    I have seen a few of these around Esquimalt bu have been unable to ask anyone wearing one where they got it because they were obviously on bikes at the time.  Does anyone know where I can order some?