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    MARS Officer

    Sheerin, As far as I know Reserve MARS don't do the NOAB thing - but we do sit 'boards' at our particular units as part of the recruiting process, or so was my experience. In my BOTC (2004) most did, and some didn't even do that much.
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    Naval Reserve BOTC

    Hello KP, 1. Us NavRes NCdts get our commission either after finishing MARS III or, as Chummy said, after BOTC if you've already earned your degree. We have to successfully complete our consolidation phase after MARS IV (usually 4 weeks) to get our S/Lt. 2. NavRes BOTC (which is the common...
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    Government Falls! The 2006 election thread

    Paul Martin seems to be quite adamant that Canadians are appalled (or should be, anyway) at the notion of a holiday season election campaign.  Is this on the mark?  I'm excited about the upcoming election, and don't really care that it will span December and most of January. What say you?
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    Doing NavRes MARS phases in one year

    Gus, Thanks for the clarification there regarding the Reg/Res MARS IV course.  I was told they differed early last year, which led me to wonder why there was any point in doing the fall MARS IV serial at all as a reservist, but this is great news.  :) Miss Hardie
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    Doing NavRes MARS phases in one year

    x-grunt, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but given my experience and (albeit 4 months out of date) knowledge it is extremely, <i>extremely</i> unlikely that as a reservist you'll even be given the option of doing the entire MARS training programme in one year.  Nine people on my BOTC...
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    Successful Completion Rate for BOTC

    Well I don't know about Reg Force IAP and BOTP, but last summer in Esquimalt for my Res course we had a failure rate of just under 33%, and all but one were during the IAP phase.  We had a couple VRs, one medical release, and the rest were from failing the final leadership stand of IAP - which...
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    CF advertising at school

    On somewhat of a tangent, but still related to the thread: Looking back at my school years, I'm struck by the near absolute lack of information presented about Canada's military history.  Even Remembrance Day ceremonies consisted of maybe a broadcast over the school intercom system of the Last...
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    Naval Mess Dress

    Inch, It's not just an Air Force thing; I've had to remove my name tag upon showing up at a mess dinner in my DEUs. Miss Hardie
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    Military Officer charged with child pornography

    Infanteer, I, too, was curious as to what exactly constitutes child porn under Canada's Criminal Code, so I looked it up.  This is what I got from http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/C-46/41422.html#section-163.1 : Part V, section 163.1 (1) In this section, "child pornography" means (a) a...
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    Res MARS - just about to finish NETP-O. MissHardie
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    Officer-of-the-watch vs officer-of-the-day

    Sailing Instructor, WillR, Like Ex-Dragoon said, that's the distinction in a nutshell. They are each part of a different type of watch.  The OOW is part of the Watch on Deck - which occurs when steaming along, whereas the OOD is part of a duty watch - which happens in harbour, when the ship's...
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    Defence in Depth

    I was wondering if there exist any (good) general books on the use of defensive strategies, particularly defence in depth,  in either WW1 or WW2.  I'm writing a paper on the Soviet use of defence in depth during the Battle of Kursk and, as you can likely tell from my awkward wording of my...
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    Why fight it? Because it is important.

    Infanteer, From what I remember from my astrophysics courses, gravity is one of the four forces which dominate the universe.  This is a Newtonian theory that has been sufficiently proved by both mathematical proofs and experimental observations to be accepted as a fundamental, general law by...
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    Why fight it? Because it is important.

    CivU, I'm interested to know the reasoning behind your assertion that 'gravity is just a trend' and not a 'general truth'.  As someone who's sat on both sides of the fence (doing both hard sciences and social), I find that statement very curious, and I don't immediately follow your logic. Care...
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    War In Iraq Debate

    Infanteer, True enough.  I think my experience is due in most part to my attendance at the U of C, located in the bastion of conservatism that is Calgary.    48Highlander, I actually had one history prof sit down with some of his students after class to have a discussion on the war in Iraq...
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    War In Iraq Debate

    I completely disagree. As a university student myself, taking courses now primarily from the faculties of political science and history, my experience has been that rarely if at all do professors foist rhetoric down our throats for the purposes of turning us all into good little lefties - or...
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    George Bush visit

    Really? I thought that the war started on September 1, 1939, and the Americans joined the actual military effort on December 7, 1941. Oh, and I suppose you don't count all the preferential economic treatment they were giving the allies before FDR could justify going to war as "giving the allies...
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    Older guy going to BOTC at NOTC Venture - questions.

    x-grunt, I did BOTC at Venture this summer, and there was a guy in my class who was 46.  He was in great shape, and had no problems with the course (except his beard when it came to doing NBCD drills.  Galiano, the damage control school, made him shave it, though he'd finagled a cease-shave for...
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    Naval Mess Dress

    Staud, Will do.  Anyone in particular?
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    Nomenclature of the Divisional System

    Sailing Instructor, The following diagram may help explain the divisional system on a ship - it's from my notes on Ship's Functional Org. Also, when on course (in the Reserves, at least, though I'm pretty sure it's the same for Reg Force), division names are taken from ships.  I was in both...