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  1. R933ex

    Peter Jackson documentary on WW1: They shall not grow old

    I just watched this last night in Edmonton. The only thing I can say is that Peter Jackson got it right, I think the only thing missing was the smells. Having said that, I think this is the movie you see once for the full effect. 
  2. R933ex


    I've been fortunate enough to travel there once a year,for the past few years, with my family.  Each time finding a new path or memorial.  There is a large memorial to the Moroccans- directly across from the main monument. I have to admit, when my daughter and I went to pay our respects on Nov...
  3. R933ex

    Class A V Class B (Reserves)

    For me I did 5 years on Class B (Albeit a fair time ago) during my Class B time, I was able to: complete my OJT 4, I was course loaded on my 5's and I was promoted. It boiled down to my performance, the specific responsibilities laid out in my job description, the support of my direct...
  4. R933ex

    Remembrance Day 2016

    A friend and I are actually planning on spending the day at the service at Menin and then attending Vimy on the 12th. If its your first trip it will be an absolutely power experience.
  5. R933ex

    "Star Wars, Episode VII: the Force Awakens"

    Going to see it at 7 tonight with my daughter (Amazingly there are still 80 tickets available at our neighborhood theater in Spruce Grove) Ive been waiting for this for 38 years and can barely wait another minute more
  6. R933ex

    04 June 2014: Shootings in Moncton NB, Three RCMP dead

    RIP to the fallen speedy recovery to the injured and hopefully a speedy resolution.
  7. R933ex

    Tactical combat casualty care ( TCCC )

    You might even ask for the basics a HCP (Health Care Professional ) CPR Course is a good add on to the First Aid you already have
  8. R933ex

    Helicopter goes down after rescuing stranded hunters

    CBC North is now reporting that 2 Hunters and Pilot are now in Arviat
  9. R933ex

    Bomb hunters TV show

    The jurisdiction issues go back to what the main purpose of the organization does. For example RCMP divers are covered under the code because according to the Code they are a federal undertaking, salvage divers might be under the code, due to the business's main activity falling under one of the...
  10. R933ex

    Bomb hunters TV show

    Actually on a point of jurisdiction, the camera crew would be subject to the CLC Part II and Regs and the "Clearance divers" would be subject to the provincial regulations as EOD type work is not specifically federally regulated.. Having said that as an ex inspector I bet both the provincial...
  11. R933ex

    Word association (just for fun)

  12. R933ex

    Three G4S guards killed, one wounded in Edmonton robbery

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/story/2012/06/16/edmonton-baumgartner-arrested.html Looks like he has been arrested attempting to escape to the US
  13. R933ex

    Plane crash near Resolute Bay kills 12 - Aug 20, 2011

    Addition to this, in today's News North  2 more law suits have been launched against the AG and Nav Canada. The first one is on behalf of the pilots, the second on behalf of the family of the flight attendants.
  14. R933ex

    PHOTOS: Arctic Ram 2012

    Wook, the jump might have been a cold one but the weather here has been really great. As a matter of fact, the weather here hasn't been below -25 so i'm thinking some might be a little dis-appointed .. >:D
  15. R933ex

    Helicopter strikes power line near Yellowknife

    Not sure if this has already been posted yet.. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/story/2012/02/14/north-yellowknife-ram-helicopter.html
  16. R933ex

    Air Mobile Army

    The LERs and the Regiment du Saguenay also had jump platoons during the same time.
  17. R933ex

    CF pension transferrable to OPP?

    Hi folks, when I moved from the Military to the Gov of the NWT my pension transferred with me along with the time I was buying back. As it was explained if the agency is covered under Superannuation  then it is transferable    http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/P-36/page-23.html#h-30
  18. R933ex

    The Arctic Military Base Thread [merged]

    Ive flown in (and over due to weather) to Nanisivik 2 dozen times in the past few years, the last time being in 2008,  and I cant see what the issue is. The runway was built with 737s- albeit with gravel kits on- in mind, so im surprised that the hercs would have difficulty getting in there.