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    SCP 2022

    Anyone out there planning to apply for SCP this year when the message comes out?
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    AVOTP 20/21

    Got my offer for Int Op today!!
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    AVOTP 20/21

    Good to know! I'm in Edmonton so hopefully it's the same thing here
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    AVOTP 20/21

    Still waiting....anyone else get anything yet? It sounds like officer messages are coming out
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    VAC and Tinnitus

    Has anyone been approved for tinnitus/hearing loss without the tinnitus assessment? My letter from the audiologist says I suffer from tinnitus and that I have mild hearing loss in the 3000-4000 range. Is this enough for approval or should I request the tinnitus assessment?
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    AVOTP 20/21

    I've searched through threads and have not been able to find anything related to NCM AVOTP 20/21, so I thought I would just ask. Has anyone else here applied? If so, has anyone applied for Int op? I know it's still early in the process but I'm just curious to see if there are many others...
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    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Looking for some information! I was posted to Edmonton with my service spouse from ottawa while I am still on Mata leave. I'm getting alot of different answer about whether I am entitled to pld while still on Mata,  the latest being it is already incorporated into my top up, but I'm getting...
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    Reg F Int Op trg

    I'm wondering if there is any Int ops around that could give me some info on the training process.  I'm considering an OT, but all the posts I searched are from 2005-2007 so I'm assuming some things have changed. I have looked on the forces website but Im looking for a little more in depth...