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  1. clinton_84

    need info

    read that, those arent that much help, i mean what do u do on a daily basis what would your job be as a new private, tasks you would do, etc
  2. clinton_84

    need info

    hey, a friend of mine is really interested in joining as a signal operator, but she cant find allot of info, and i cant tell her that much about what shes gonna be doing as her job there, so heres the question :what would her job be as a new private at Brigade HQ/ signal squadron..kinda like...
  3. clinton_84

    Mk III Combat Boots: Use, Maintenance & Other Stuff.

    well while your at it for comfort, i know tons of guys while we were in wainright that got chits to have their boots resoled with vibrams, but if your not lucky ebough to get yourself a chit for free vibrams, id recommend shelling out the money to get them resoled on your own, alot of footwear...
  4. clinton_84


    probably the smallpack system they issued back around november, least thats when i got mine anyways,
  5. clinton_84


    that 82 pattern ruck is a piece of crap, to be brutally honest, i find the waist belt uselees personally escepically with the quick release straps, plus it gets in the way
  6. clinton_84

    small pack system

    i like the pouches that come with it, you can put em on the main bag, or your tacvest, ive even had once of the pouches rigged to my jump ruck there good, an its a nice pack too
  7. clinton_84

    New Thermal blanket

    ah equipment forum....havent been on this site in a while didnt even know there was an equipment forum
  8. clinton_84

    Issued Tac Vest

    the tac vest is good for somethings but overall if i had the choice id use my webbing agaiin, alot simpler, could hold more, the jump coy here in 3VP still uses webbing along with recce, they cant jump wearing the tacvest, at least thats the reason they give, i always figured you could simply...
  9. clinton_84

    Question about WES/MILES

    i was with b coy 3vp when we did the trials for WES back in november, its kinda neat, its all built right into a seperate tc vest an helmet cam cover, but believe it has its fair share of kinks that need to be worked, one of the main ones being like mentioned before, c-6 and c-9, the last...
  10. clinton_84

    New Thermal blanket

    just exchanged my american ranger blanket,woodland camo poncho, cotton sleeping bag liner, for the new cadpat thermal blanket; basically i bigger version of the ranger blanket, same material, only its cadpat, an it zipps up to make a sleeping bag liner, an a hole in the middle that you can unzip...
  11. clinton_84

    Pushups- Try Reading Here First- Merged Thread

    I was stopped at 21, It was weird cuz whenever i tried practicing pushups I dont do very well I get to like 4 then cant do anymore, I have the strength its just push-ups I find hard, If anyone has any tips on how to do pushups id like to hear , when i took the test she told me its easier if you...
  12. clinton_84

    Basic in Esquimalt?

    PPCLI but I dont know what battalion they never said, I get sworn in on the 11th matybe they‘ll tell me then
  13. clinton_84

    Basic in Esquimalt?

    Ill be on the sept 22 - dec 1 basic at esquimalt, I leave london on the 20th
  14. clinton_84

    Basic in Esquimalt?

    same thing, offered PPCLI leave on sept. 20 for esquimalt, where you from?
  15. clinton_84

    Basic in Esquimalt?

    yeah? what trade are you goin into?
  16. clinton_84

    Basic in Esquimalt?

    I just got called today by the recruiting centre here in London and was offered 031 Infantry It kinda took me by surprise because its only been a month since I first applied and after reading alot or recruiting horror stories about it taking anywhere from 2 to 6 months I thought it was pretty...
  17. clinton_84

    US plans to shut out canadian defence firms

    "Mulroney. I like him as much as I like a hot casing in my shorts." or a root canal
  18. clinton_84

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    they dont tell you your score,i did the CFAT just over a week ago all they tell you is whether you passed or failed and what trades your eligible for they told me i passed i didnt argue with it ;)
  19. clinton_84

    US plans to shut out canadian defence firms

    Mulroney pretty much sold us out when he signed NAFTA
  20. clinton_84

    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Center: London, ON Force: Regular Trade Choice 1: Infantry Trade Choice 2: Field Artillery Trade Choice 3: Armoured Application Date: July 3, 2003 First Contact: N/A Test Dates Confirmed: July 3, 2003 (apt/med/interview July 16, 2003) (PT Test July 23) Tests Completed: CFAT, MED, PT...