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  1. Trooper Hale

    TV show "Sea patrol"

    We watch Sea Patrol for a laugh sometimes. There was an episode somewhere along the line where a bloke hit a guy with a single shot from a deck mounted 12.7mm while the baddie was holding someone hostage. Hilarious stuff. No base in realism at all.
  2. Trooper Hale

    Bayonet obsolete? Not yet, apparently -

    And now it all makes perfect sense. Its interesting how another perspective puts something into a completely different light. Me personally, I'm all about my sweet Browning HP and carrying enough ammunition to get me through the hard times. You cant fit a bayonet to a Steyr carbine or an LMG...
  3. Trooper Hale

    Soldiers Rebel Against Loss of Cherished Beret

    At the School Of Armour in Puckapunyal, the spiritual home of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps, the CO had the men wear their black beret's for a full month until he was personally told by the Chief Of Army that the ban included him and the School. In today's Army, I reckon having a CO do...
  4. Trooper Hale

    Soldiers Rebel Against Loss of Cherished Beret

    At no time did Armoured unit's "shelve" their slouch hats though. For us, the beret was always garrison dress and we would wear slouch hat with plumes on parade. From 2007 till last year or so, 2/14 Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) would wear beret's monday to wednesday and...
  5. Trooper Hale

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Sounds like driver tasks to me... "We'll be out here, tell us when your finished mate. Oh, and make sure you do the greasing!"
  6. Trooper Hale

    Soldiers Rebel Against Loss of Cherished Beret

    I realise this is old news but its still fresh here. To clear up a hugely important point, while the beret has been cruelly stripped away from us we don't wear bush hats to work instead. We still have our Slouch hats (Royal Australian Armoured Corps chaps still wear our emu plumes) which are...
  7. Trooper Hale

    No AUS Leopards Headed to AFG

    But they're all broken and need more replacing.
  8. Trooper Hale

    day to day life of an armoured crewmen

    Something my (Armoured Corps) recruiter told me when I told him I wanted to be a tankie. "Mate, at the end of the day, a second class drive is better then a first class walk". I've lived by that since.
  9. Trooper Hale

    day to day life of an armoured crewmen

    By joining anyone of those Regular Army Armoured units you join a world-wide brotherhood of Armoured Corps warriors. Every morning the pride that gives you should levitate you out of your bed and off for your morning PT. That and your mounting caffein withdrawls will force you out of the shacks...
  10. Trooper Hale

    Thinking about the Infantry Attack

    I just watched "Transformers" and they shot the baddies with 40mm Sabot rounds. Perhaps our Army's should invest in them? A sabot round kicking along at 76mp/s is pretty tops in my mind. Someone ought to buy some. Back to the seriousness though.
  11. Trooper Hale

    Your Beer Brand of Choice

    Every night for the past 7 months I dreamt of drinking a beautifully cold snubby of Victoria Bitter while I lie on my couch and watch the cricket. Only a month and a half to go before it becomes a reality! "The best beer is always the one you can't drink"
  12. Trooper Hale

    1081shadow's Shadow Box

    Hopefully, to at least a small extent, I can help there. While I was attached the Royal Canadian Dragoons in 2006 I had the absolute honour of working with a bunch of guys that I would rate as some of the best soldiers I'd ever met. Their vehicle craft was second to none, their skill sets simply...
  13. Trooper Hale

    Unification is a child of the 1960s, so who is looking backward?

    I'm offer my apology. I must have misread the past 8 pages and misinterpreted every previous post. I thought there was definate suggestion about possible future changes but obviously I'm wrong. If it was then they took what the CF had done and ignored the vast majority of it. For a start, 40...
  14. Trooper Hale

    Unification is a child of the 1960s, so who is looking backward?

    My mistake, I should have written "Australian Defence Force". However, I dont think its silly at all to use our model or the British model if you were to look at changing your "Land Command". I dont think its too hard for you to join the dots and figure out what I meant.
  15. Trooper Hale

    Unification is a child of the 1960s, so who is looking backward?

    I find this whole debate fascinating and I agree whole heartedly on the subject of separating "Services". My identity as a member of the Australian Army and Royal Australian Armoured Corps is hugely important to me. There is great power, pride, history and tradition in a name. And I think those...
  16. Trooper Hale

    Discussion on the C6 Machine Gun

    Mate! We're Armoured Corps diggers! Just because the AFV isn't here with us doesn't mean we're going to give up our natural desire for bulk firepower. There's a MAG58 in each car! Its just tucked away in the boot. Theres no kill like overkill. As I hinted earlier, for ease of resupply we never...
  17. Trooper Hale

    Bizarre Babbling About Firearms

    I really like the m240b its really good i especially like to fire off the whole 200clip its good to shoot and i like that shotgun with a big magazine its really good when your clearing rooms and the glock is cool because its like a smg but you can carry one in each hand and i like the .50 sniper...
  18. Trooper Hale

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    During an Intelligence brief in Baghdad the Int bloke is talking us through the daily trends, Says he, "As you can see, the day is the busiest time for IED's, as well as the night..."
  19. Trooper Hale

    Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    If it makes you all feel a little better, we're having the same arguments in Australia about vehicles and whats going to replace the ASLAV. The plan, according to DMO, is that the Army is to get a "universal vehicle" under the Land 400 project that can be fitted with a suite of different set...
  20. Trooper Hale

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    Paul Kelly. Just non-stop Paul Kelly. He's the greatest Australian song writer of all time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZrfG9P6_D0 Well worth listening too. Paul Kelly has provided the soundtrack to my life.