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  1. stokerwes


    If you can prove that your totally and permanently incapacitated (TPI) you are then eligible to apply for Permanent Impairment Allowance (PIA) and the PIA supplement. Also apply for the family caregiver allowance if it applies. But just because you have applied does not necessarily mean you will...
  2. stokerwes

    CAF Specialist Pay [Spec Pay]- All Trades [MERGED]

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Thanks Pat in Halifax
  3. stokerwes

    Denial of Access to MIR By Unit

    Why hasn't his WO stepped in and stopped this? Senior NCO's are in place for a reason, to keep the Officers in check and remind them of the rules. This is a BS policy made by someone who is either unclear of the law or abusing their authority. It severely p***es me off when I hear of WO's and...
  4. stokerwes


    I think its mostly older vets is because with their pension and the salary of the corps they can get by. A younger vet with no pension could not live on the pay from the corps alone.
  5. stokerwes

    "Conservatives to overhaul veterans' benefits .... to placate angry ex-soldiers"

    Where i either report is this 70k top up mentioned? I am glad that it looks like there may be some positive chages coming soon. I just hope that the due diligence the Gov. has to go throuh to apply some of thes changes desn't take another six years. I'll remain hopeful and  positive that good...
  6. stokerwes

    Decision Letter

    Just have lotsof patience. Submit your claim and just forget about it. Counting weeks will only make you pissed off. Regarding your other claims don't wait until your ankle claim is done. Submit them all. The OSI will take some time depending on your situation, flr that the SOP is usually an...
  7. stokerwes

    CAF Specialist Pay [Spec Pay]- All Trades [MERGED]

    This goes out to any recruiters who have recently enrolled or had to answer questions for any potential Marine Engineers. Do you still mention Spec 1 pay is received after QL5, and Spec 2 is after CERT 3 qualification? The reason I ask is that since the pay freeze, sorry, the MOS review that...
  8. stokerwes

    VAC - Attendance Allowance

    I was asking VAC about this and was told it, attendance allowance, is being Incorporated into the permanent impairment allowance. Then I asked how much the PIA was going up since the attendance allowance would be a component of the PIA and was told it is not going up. Seems to me that the...
  9. stokerwes

    Home Equity Assistance & "Military Families Pushed to Financial Ruin" (Merge)

    Thank all the previous abusers of IR,  a good majority of them were fairly senior. I was too was forced to go on IR because of the inability to sell my home a few yeara back. I did get some money for a few months but that ended pretty quickly  I think the two  issues are closely related as a lot...
  10. stokerwes

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Feel for you on the Spec pay issue. Mar. Eng.have been going the same process about three years as well. The PLD has been "under review" forever. Its just a matter of time before its gone though, in my opinion. TB can cherry pick which directives apply to DND, specifically CAF.2
  11. stokerwes

    Vets' Ombudsman: "Veterans not getting the help they need"

    I know if I'm asked I'll tell troops that if you get hurt while serving you won't be looked after financially after you reach the $300000.00. Sounds like a lot of money when your 24 but it's not if you consider you may have to lige off that for the rest of your life. I'm a bit confused on the...
  12. stokerwes

    Is Land Duty Allowance considered pensionable earnings?

    Nope any allowance is not pensionable only your base pay counts.
  13. stokerwes

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Still haven't received mine and I don't live in B.C.  :) I did receive an email from my BOR asking if I wanted the full amount or if it was going into an RRSP a few weeks back. So I would think it should be showing up soon. This whole evolution has been lacking to say the least. Time served and...
  14. stokerwes

    Decision Letter

    No two cases are the same. But here's how it worked for me, I'm still serving. I contacted VAC and they made an appointment with the local VAC office Dr. My mileage was paid, I would imagine  depending on how far away your local VAC office or the Dr. they recommend is you would be entitled to...
  15. stokerwes

    "Soldier who attempted suicide on fast-track for dismissal as DND..."

    Agreed the lump sum is great if your in your twilight years. But the younger folks, especially ones with less than ten years, are fearful of the future because although it seems like a large sum of money at first the lump sum isn't really that much money if you have to try and live on it.  A...
  16. stokerwes

    "Soldier who attempted suicide on fast-track for dismissal as DND..."

    Being in the process of medical release, because of an OSI, I have nothing but good things to say of any interactions I have had with all involved. Be it on the medical or administrative side. Is the process a bit scary? Yes, but I am finding that being proactive and seeking treatment and asking...
  17. stokerwes

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    Congratulations and good luck.
  18. stokerwes

    CANFORGEN on Pay and PIL

    Has anyone in Kingston recieved their PIL yet? I submitted mine in Dec, it made it to Ottawa in Feb due to mass submission. I tried to contact the PIL team but just keep getting the canned response.