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  1. CanadianGrunt

    Basic sept 4th

    Hey I just got my call today I do my swear in aug 24th and basic starts Sept 4th for me. I'm RCR Infantry, anyone else have this date?
  2. CanadianGrunt

    Comparing the Combat Arms (Inf vs. Engr vs. Armd vs. Arty)

    All Bull**** aside I'd have to agree SOME reservists tend to be like that but others are cool in my books. Doesnt help they get thier gun/CADPATs before the reg force though.
  3. CanadianGrunt

    St. Jean BMQ on August 14th. Who's going?

    I wouldn't be to obsessive over running as long as you can do at least 5km, they will work you up to doing the 14km goal if that's correct info. I mean look at the min requirements it doesn't say you need to be doing 5km a day so I figure if you can, you'll be fine. I agree you'll need strength...
  4. CanadianGrunt

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    Yes I'm sorry let me correct myself *Bombadier*, right?
  5. CanadianGrunt

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    -Watching my Mclp jump around my cubical and on my bed in evasive mesures from the dust bunnies attack. -One night after class we where doing our regular duties (sowing, cleaning, that sort've thing) and having a recruit from the other side of the barracks comeing flying through ours wearing...
  6. CanadianGrunt

    Farnham BMQ pictures

    Right on I didnt know what to expect Farnham to look like That Zip line looks like a lot of fun I really cant wait to get there..
  7. CanadianGrunt

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    Well said I would also like to add, Sow your name on everything you'll have to do this anyways and it gets tedious when you have a crap load of kit (and you will), but if you wait to do it later you wont have time and the instructors will be all over you for it.' Another thing for cleaning...
  8. CanadianGrunt

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    I was 17 at the time and was going Reg force I guess I wasnt ready to start my career and as embarrasing as it was and still is I dropped out at week 7. Dont ever drop out its the shittiest feeling walking around with a big P on your shoulder for everyone to see when not even a week ago you had...
  9. CanadianGrunt

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    When you swear in they will give you a list of things to bring and not to bring so dont worry. If you guys plan on getting together for drinks then I advise you to do it before basic because we wont see any time off until its over. Maybey if your platoon is doin reeeeaaal good and the platooon...
  10. CanadianGrunt

    BMQ on Aug. 7 in St. Jean?

    Cody - Infantry Ps: they will try and group recruits of the same trade together in one platoon. For instance all of us Infanteers will most likely be in the same platoon this way they can go hard on us because come battle school...hahaha well you'll hear all about that. So I guess anyone going...