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  1. yot

    weight loss in BMQ

    haha I lost some... after I finished my SQ
  2. yot

    Out on the range!

    hey, I just finished my SQ in Shilo, I enjoyed the FTX! it was fun. Also yep, they teach the C6, C9 and gernade.
  3. yot

    What uniform (if any) do i travel in?

    ya I was told to travel in Combat too.
  4. yot

    TV for SQ?

    I am going to Shilo for SQ from Vancouver in July. I just wonder, can we use the TV instead of the webbing?
  5. yot

    Out on the range!

    we won't shoot C6 or C7 in SQ?
  6. yot


    I am still waiting for my call to get in SQ, Wainwright (I hope) because I hear that I may go to Shilo for the SQ.
  7. yot

    Finally my componet transfer is getting somewhere.

    quick question, why do you need to redo all the test even currently in Res F?
  8. yot


    Mike, I thought u did ur QL3.
  9. yot

    Hi I'm almost finished with Borden for Now!!!!

    its also depends on the BMQ, Reserve weekend BMQ is easiler than the Regular BMQ. However, that's doesn't mean you can't join. Someone like me, 21 years old, may not even have a good shape compairing to old people.
  10. yot

    polypro shirt

    same here. When I zipped it down because it was too hot in the building, Lt said if I were wearing it, it always needs to be zipped up.
  11. yot

    Started Reserve BMQ (Weekends)

    wow 54 down to 27?! that's alot. My weekend bmq started on last sat. It was not that hard because it was the first weekend, and most of the basic things I learned from my unit training. But I believe it will be harder and harder.
  12. yot

    How long would it take..?

    While I am waiting for next intake bmq/sq, our training plt are just learning something from BMQ. For example, drill movement, map reading, how to wear the NBC suit...etc. I believe that u need to be 16 to hand in ur applicantion to CF... But the best way is call the CFRC and ask them more...
  13. yot

    Berets and How to Form Them

    I tried to put it in the hot water, but it does not really help alot. However, wear it during the shower is much better.
  14. yot

    What happend to the old OD's?

    haha may be, I still have my OD too, but I will be issued CADPAT next Thurs. I am not sure if they want the OD or what....
  15. yot

    How long would it take..?

    it depends, some people applicantions process faster than others. For my self, it took around 8 months. So ya, I agree with scaddie said... apply as soon as possible. Also, if u apply for Res, that will be fine because u "may" work on Thurs or some weekend. (depends on what trade are u joining)...
  16. yot

    extra kit

    yes, I can see the points. But I wonder, I can get DEU even I haven't done the bmq?!
  17. yot

    extra kit

    is it anyone can order those clothing since you can login?!
  18. yot

    Time length to become an officer when starting from scratch (pte.)

    Just a question, don't want to open a new topic. Is Master WO is = Sgt Major?!
  19. yot

    Reserves and the RCMP (and Other Civilian Police)

    I heard that my plt commander (12 Fd Amb, Vancouver) works for RCMP, but I am not sure what position is he working for.