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  1. medic269

    ironsight for c7

    Ive been looking around on here, google, and the EL for a publication on proper mounting and zeroing of the BUIS for the 'A2 and I'm coming up short.  Anyone have better insight as to where I could find anything? Thanks in advance. Chris
  2. medic269

    Iraq's future

    The thing that scares me about it is if all is said and done, Harper decides to pull us out in Feb. '09 and who's to say there won't be a UN mission after the U.S. pulls out.  We move from one end to the other. Just a thought...
  3. medic269


    You asked th DS to read your post.  One has and has offered you constructive criticism, it'd be a handy thing to take into consideration if you want more attention to your cause.
  4. medic269


    Bronze medal game just finished, 2-1 US over Sweden.  It was a tight game near the end, Sweden had a 5 on 3 advantage.  We'll see if the strange brew boys can bring it home.
  5. medic269

    Wondering what BASIC TRAINING is like? Watch the video. (BASIC UP)

    Ha ha I enjoy the one in the desert MARPAT who comes up on the right.  He doesn't really say anything so much as squeals in his ear.  Brilliant.
  6. medic269

    CFLRS Info

    Giving you 10 minutes to eat and 5 to move to your RV point? I don't speak for everyone but that was our average timing every day and we had plenty of time eat.
  7. medic269

    CAN Def Min Wants New JTF-2 Name?!?

    1st Canadian Anonymous :D
  8. medic269

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    ha ha ok just thought of this one: Ewok? What Ewok? I'm looking at the guy up front hovering like Jesus...
  9. medic269

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    CF's new "inside man"
  10. medic269

    TF-08 Bison Drivers

    Which one? If you look in Ontario it's 2 years.  JIBC I believe has it down to 4 months for the Reg force now.  Different courses have different "added" content which will shorten or lengthen the course. Another factor is the amount of preceptorship required to complete the course. 
  11. medic269


    You can also order them from the CRYE Precision website.  I think they're the original manufacturers.  Along with the Major Leage Infidel t shirts. www.cryeprecision.com Good times.
  12. medic269

    CFLRS Info

    I just finished there Nov. 30th and we struck lucky, we were in Farnham when the hordes of new platoons were coming in so the only real crowd we had to deal with was "G" week.  Meal lines were about 20 minutes long at peak hours.  Looks like the new recruiting campaigns are working!  ;)
  13. medic269

    TF-08 Bison Drivers

    It seems like another one of those situations that looks good on paper but in reality could've been thought through better, like Communism :)  Looking at it from one end, it's a good way to extend the scope of training and skills for Res medics and get some real experience under their belts, and...
  14. medic269

    Introducing ACP diploma into QL5 training

    I'm a licensed civilian paramedic...who joined the CF...so as such do refer to myself as a medical professional...being that I do have a license... Anyone else care to turn a civilized discussion into an "I told ya so" show....
  15. medic269

    Introducing ACP diploma into QL5 training

    Call me anal but as a medical professional that statement would not comfort me as a family member of a patient.  If the attending medic told me that chances are I'd push them out of the way and work the call myself.  I've thought about the pro's and con's about introducing an ACP certification...
  16. medic269

    Any favourite BMQ memories?

    Practicing left and right inclines on the march: MCpl:  "Leeeeeeeft incline!" Troops:  *check pivot shuffle shuffle bump bump turn fall etc...* MCpl:  "Halt halt halt!!!!!!  Look around troops what formation are you in?!?!" Troops:  Gaze around like lost deer.  "Not sure MCpl!" MCpl:  "A...
  17. medic269

    Army Courses List

    I see that side of it yes.  I'm really interested in doing the jump course so I've been trying to research a list of other courses which are available.  Thanks for the response. Chris
  18. medic269

    Army Courses List

    I don't yet have access to DIN so this may be a futile question, but I'm looking for a list of courses available to purple trades.  I was reading through the army courses list and I saw under MOC it said "common" for many courses.  Does this mean they are open to most trades?  I'm a med tech...
  19. medic269

    What is your military status?

    Civvy paramedic, joined the Reg force (Army) and currently on my QL3's.  What a ride!
  20. medic269

    Following basic training...

    I just graduated from St. Jean yesterday.  I'm due to report to Borden by Sunday and the RUMOR is the Borden will be shutting down Dec. 8th for Christmas.  It depends what the next unit of the individual is.  My buddies who are going to Meaford won't be off until the 15th I believe.  Regardless...