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  1. Nieghorn

    Mystery Item

    Thanks for that!  I'll put it down as a maybe and ask some of our vet volunteers if that rings a bell with them. Hoping for some other insight to the latest mystery I've encountered. 
  2. Nieghorn

    Help identifying...

    ... this mystery item we found at our museum, tucked in with hammocks and a couple of stretchers. I'm not sure if it belongs in either category, though. Too long for an apron.  Best guess we could manage was some form of restraint or security device for medical use. Any input would be greatly...
  3. Nieghorn

    Mystery Item

    I work at a museum and found this among a collection of parts, gauges, etc. from RCN ships. Anyone know what it was used for?  (Coming from the bottom are electrical wires that have been cut short).
  4. Nieghorn

    Electrical Technician Badge

    By the title of the thread, I know what this but can anyone tell me what the symbols are? Cheers!
  5. Nieghorn

    "Wavy Navy" sleeve insignia?

    Thanks a lot for that! Will share the information around with the other staffers here!
  6. Nieghorn

    "Wavy Navy" sleeve insignia?

    Thanks for your responses so far! Someone here was thinking "Merchant" but wasn't sure.  Will give us another thing to consider, but do keep sharing input if you have any more!
  7. Nieghorn

    "Wavy Navy" sleeve insignia?

    I work at a museum and this photo has stumped us all ... it doesn't look like a typical reserve sleeve insignia.  Possibly a "just heading off to war, haven't got my official ones yet" home made job by the missus? Thoughts?  Thanks!
  8. Nieghorn

    Sleeve Badges: Definitive Source?

    Is there a definitive source that can identify WWII / post-war trade, service, rank badges, etc for the Canadian military?
  9. Nieghorn

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Mystery solved by another forum ... It appears to be a Bagtignolles Chatillion DP 3. I've never seen it before!
  10. Nieghorn

    Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

    Had a browse through this thread and did some searches for what people on others *think* it might be, but jury's still out on this one.  Looks like an LVT / Water Buffalo but the track alignment isn't exactly the same: Looks like a British / Canadian gun tractor in the background, so makes...
  11. Nieghorn

    Tom Cruise may return to the cockpit in upcoming "Flying Tigers" WW2 movie

    Can I just say:  Nooooooooooooo!  I hate re-makes, and I especially hate re-makes of war flicks (or where the story has already been told - ex. instead of "Pearl Harbour" - try "Tora, Tora, Tora").  Not only does the AVG have "Flying Tigers" but it also has "God is My Co-Pilot". As a keen...
  12. Nieghorn

    Awesome anti- emo video

    Has anyone seen the 'Tickle Me Emo' sketch from MadTV? 
  13. Nieghorn

    clothing styles you hate!

    Yes!  We were joking about this 'mum bum' look at work last year and one of the women said they were coming back.  Ladies, please don't allow this to happen!  They don't make any of your butts look good.  ... which reminds me of the two best inventions for us guys to appreciate a well formed...
  14. Nieghorn

    clothing styles you hate!

    Apparently they're called gauchos, so instead of asking them how accurate they are with a matchlock, and whether they prefer the epee to a rapier, maybe I should ask them if they want to go rustle up some alpacas in Argentina for a winter getaway?
  15. Nieghorn

    clothing styles you hate!

    Have the teens in your area caught onto the hoodies adorned with many of the same cartoon image placed an inch apart in random directions?  I don't see how one can look 'cool' in those. I also echo the gangster look - I have even seen grey haired males in Ottawa wearing this stuff!!!  Skinny...
  16. Nieghorn

    Airlines ticket based on your weight

    Slightly beside the topic, but I (big, rugby playing dude) was weighed on a Twin Otter flight from Samoa to American Samoa a few weeks ago.  Was warned ahead of time about this by a big local, but they were doing it for everyone.  Pilot friend reckons they could calculate fuel, etc. but said...
  17. Nieghorn

    Anybody have any good Donair stories or favourites to eat (KOD, Roberts, Tonys)

    I prefer a proper Ottawa middle eastern neighbourhood shawarma, where you actually know the origins of the meat you're eating (or the 'meat-sicle' as my friend accurately labels them - a series of formerly-frozen chicken breasts on a spit). One of my favourite places is Mangos near the corner...
  18. Nieghorn

    The Blackadder thread...

    Baldrick:  My father was a nun. Blackadder:  No he wasn't! Baldrick:  Yes, he was!  Everytime he was up in court, the magistrate would say: Occupation? And he'd say: None.  Blackadder:  Dr. Johnson has just completed his book.  Apparently it has taken him ten years. Prince George:  Well, yes...
  19. Nieghorn

    Telus is going to charge customers $0.15/per incoming text message

    I'm not a mobile phone user, but have had to use one when working in Australia and the place I lived didn't have a land line. You Canadian mobile users have to get up, march in the streets and give the companies bloody heck because you're getting screwed in rates.  I only paid for outgoing...
  20. Nieghorn

    Merry Christmas from Australia!!

    Merry Christmas, mate!  I'll be 'joining' you in less than a month (working holiday, hopefully find something to keep me for a while). Best wishes to all on here, and especially those serving overseas who cannot be with their families!