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  1. Churchill55

    Camp Picton in the 60s.

    Just wondering if anyone out there happened to be in Camp Picton between 1963 and the camp closing in 1969. Dad was Ordinance Corp attached to the Guards during that time and I would like to chat with anyone my age who might have gone to school there. 
  2. Churchill55


    Fraternal greetings and a note on our up coming Official Visit, 08 Dec. 2015 Trent #38 Lodge (meeting in Frankford) will greet our DDGM with a banquet at 1830 and when Lodge reopens at 1930 will initiate a new candidate. All Masons welcome. Happy to Meet ......
  3. Churchill55


    Fraternal greetings again from Trent Lodge #38. Just a quick reminder to all Brethren at 8 Wing & in the Quinte District, we will be presenting our Rememberance Day Program at our regular meeting on 10 Nov. 2015. As always, Lodge opens at 19:30 and all Masons are invited to come out and enjoy an...
  4. Churchill55


    Fraternal greetings from Trent Lodge #38, Trenton, On. We meet the second Tues. of every month, except July & August. Our next meeting is 08 Sept. 15. Any Brethren at 8 Wing see our ad in The Contact for more details, or post a reply here. Happy to meet 
  5. Churchill55


    One & all, i know this topic has been pretty quiet for a while, but i thought you might find this interesting. My Home Lodge - Trent #38 - in Trenton, Ont sponsored Canada Lodge UD in Kandahar under our charter. We have met some amazing Masons who have returned to Canada & attended Lodge with...
  6. Churchill55


    Yes, i say get rid of all the useless SOB's. Make them take a double-dip job like most of the rest of the Reg force personnel. (take release on Fri & walk back into the same job as a Civvy on Mon, with a pension) That would be a much better use of tax payers $$$ !!!