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  1. NL_engineer

    Clearing CUSTOMS Split from: BOOT REGULATIONS:

    They are normally the ones who say "welcome to my country" in a thick accent.  I alwayse find them the best as they know our uniform and say thank you.
  2. NL_engineer

    Clearing CUSTOMS Split from: BOOT REGULATIONS:

    That sounds like my luck with customs.  I love it when they say "Welcome to Canada, is your visit business or pleasure" when traveling in uniform.  Enter the US in uniform and they take hour card, thank you for your service and send you on your way.
  3. NL_engineer

    Clearing CUSTOMS Split from: BOOT REGULATIONS:

    Yet Canada Customs will give you a hard time for not having a passport on you, and followed by secondary search just because.
  4. NL_engineer

    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    Like Velcro patch on the newer uniform or sowen on?
  5. NL_engineer

    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    Does anyone have the new boots in the system?  What one is better the one with or without the zipper?  We were told you get to choose one or the other and that's it; no test or exchange.
  6. NL_engineer

    Is There Anything I Should Have But Won't Be Issued?

    There is no need for a 14" knife. I have no clue why your friend would say buy one, but I can tell you most units will not allow it to be warn in uniform. Being currently a Section Commander for PATs, I tell all my guys don't buy anything other then proper boots.  When you advance in your...
  7. NL_engineer

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    This is defiantly a good one: On parade practice, this was called for a Right dress. "elbow dressing, eyes right move"
  8. NL_engineer

    Combat Hospital (ABC and Global) Premiere June 21st

    But most of us watched it for that reason :P
  9. NL_engineer

    Combat Hospital (ABC and Global) Premiere June 21st

    I don't know, I bet it was a $100 text message knowing how Rogers is.
  10. NL_engineer

    Reserve equipment

    Then I will also add that new troops from some of the LFCA, and LFQA units are issued MOB boxes (that is from second hand information so I can not confirm if it is true or not).
  11. NL_engineer

    Combat Hospital (ABC and Global) Premiere June 21st

    Well my rogers phone had service in KAF (09), and I know someone who texted home from the FOB a few times on theirs. 
  12. NL_engineer

    Reserve equipment

    Most of the troops coming out of St. Jean have 2 X mob boxes, 1 X kit bag and a 84 pat rucksack if they are lucky.
  13. NL_engineer

    CP Gear OTW Shirt. Review?

    DirtyDog, I never had a problem with the OTW in the Afghan Summer, yes after wearing it for a while it was a pain in the a** to get off.  As for rips and tears one of my two shirts got a rip; due to a wire hooking it.  Other then that I had no problems (since we were never in KAF or CNS long...
  14. NL_engineer

    Do Canadian nursing officers carry guns like infantry soldiers?

    I recall a Padre visiting a Leger on my tour carrying his C7 and 9mm, and the one from our fob walked around with his C7, 9mm or both.
  15. NL_engineer

    New Rucksack

    According to the army it can be used with the FPV, plates, and Tac Vest; but personal experiences of myself and others say different.
  16. NL_engineer

    CF Ordering 25K "Hybrid (Combat) Shirts"

    Don't buy one..... Buy 2, you will not regret getting 2; I went over with 1, and ordered a second 2 months into the tour. 
  17. NL_engineer

    Pirate Party of Canada eligible for official party status

    Well I bet this party is a bunch of 18 teen year old's that think copy right laws shouldn't stop them from downloading music, movies, etc. I think they can sit with the communist party, and dream of forming a government  ;D Or they can join Taliban Jack and the NDP  ;D
  18. NL_engineer

    The Green Zone (movie)

    Well my 2 cents on it it is Bourn in Iraq
  19. NL_engineer

    You know you are past your expiriy date...

    Or "in 1974 when I was a young Sgt in Germany" - the guy that said that is still kicking around ::) Edited cause I keep typing the wrong words  ::)
  20. NL_engineer

    Do section cdrs want/need a PDA with info from their own mini-UAV?

    Well I personally think that a sect controlled UAV is just more weight and problems.  BUT having a screen that can revive live video feeds form the air assets in the area would help.  Yes as a sect comm you loose the control, but it still gives him/her a birds eye view of the sounding area...