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    If I don't get into ROTP.. options...

    Thanks for all the help and thoughtful input, it's something to think about. One of the things that stood out at the CFRC was the same thing you mentioned: try it on before you buy it, in order to see if the Canadian Armed Forces and I are compatible. I will definitely keep the alternatives you...
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    If I don't get into ROTP.. options...

    Hi gcclarke, Thanks for taking the time to post that. I applied to the reserves back in January 2009. Having recently done my CFAT and Interview, I was told my score was right for the artillery trade(NCM and Officer). I'm still in university(2 more years left) and you mentioned that getting...
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    "Your file was refreshingly boring."

    Awesome read, not boring at all.
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    Change Occupation Choices ( merged )

    Agreed. That being said, it's human nature to doubt oneself, to say those in the military do not doubt themselves is naive.
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    Change Occupation Choices ( merged )

    That's a terrible opinion. Doubt, especially when one is so new, is normal and to be expected.
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    Charges Laid for Corruption of a Database

    Disturbing to hear about this. I remember first reading it and thinking they might be demoted or moved into positions which don't hold sensitive information.
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    "Taliban will lose ground: Canada's Top Soldier"

    Good to hear from Gen. Thompson. It's unfortunate that Canada is withdrawing in 2011, long before the job is completed. Harper disappointed me considering he was spouting the 'we won't cut and run' line just a few years ago. The Manley Report has stated it will take decades to help Afghanistan...
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    Obama achieves historic U.S. presidential victory

    McCain had ties to ACORN as well, Obama served on a board with Ayers(as did other republicans) and accepted the help from Pastor John Hagee. To believe only one of the candidates had made poor decisions is flawed. They both seem like honourable men. From what the analysts are saying, Obama's...
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    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    I'm not voting for the Liberals, will most likely vote Conservative. That being said, if Harper wins a majority I hope he changes the Afghanistan Missions end date of 2011 since it seems like that might be pulling out before the job is done. Something he initially was against.
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    The Threat of Modern Piracy- A Merged Thread

    We were discussing this in class today & someone pointed out a lot of the illegal dumping going on off the coast of Somalia. I just googled it and it seems related to the piracy. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5gVV_gQDsp1m8v7nPcumVc5McYV-Q Has this been addressed?
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    Best time to join the reserves

    Just an update as I've been busy with school gathering books in the hectic first few weeks: I went to the recruiting centre in downtown Ottawa and they directed me to the 30th Field Regiment RCA. Paid them a visit and was given a lot of information. I'm looking at the application Checklist and...
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    What to do- Avor's Journey

    Keep it up bro, you're doing awesome! By the way, chocolate milk is overrated.  ;D
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    Best time to join the reserves

    Hey guys, I'm at the recruiting website now. The first question is When I answered 'yes' I was told that I should contact the CFRC(which I did, & left a voicemail as no one picked up). I also went into 'chat with a recruiter' but a recruiter was unavailable at this time. The reason I'm asking...
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    Best time to join the reserves

    I'll definitely get started asap. Just gathering the paperwork atm. The sooner the better. Any idea when the other 50% of the SQ would be held(during the summer maybe then followed by DP1 BMQ maybe...)? You're right, I've been making a diet/schedule to help me eat at appropriate times and...
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    Best time to join the reserves

    No, I don't speak a word of french. I chose an elective for January though and hopefully I can continue French language training that way. This was a messege from the CO of the regiment. Yes, I will continue doing more research and see what units are in ottawa. The Gunners website has links...
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    Best time to join the reserves

    Hi, I didn't know where to put this(either in R. Process or just under Recruiting).  I'm a student interested in the army and don't know whether to choose Armour or Artillery, both seem interesting but being 6'4 I think I'd have trouble getting into LAV's & whatnot if I decide to do a CT to...
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    Is it worth it?

    Why, WHY does every young man want to be special forces? :rofl:
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    Forces struggling to recruit...

    http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/78906/post-744126.html#msg744126 ^Thread summarizing the report. Makes you cringe but they're problems that must be addressed. Made a thread a week or so ago detailing these very problems that were brought up by the Office of the Auditor General. Report...
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    Drug use/drug testing in the CF (merged)

    Excuse my ignorance guys but what constitutes a drug? I understand that THC related products and other hard drugs, but do things such as ephedrine and caffeine pills fall under the Canadian Forces Drug Policy as banned substances?