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  1. Veiledal

    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    He meant minimal offence, he was just making a joke at your expense. If you do succeed in your pursuit of a career with the CF it would be a great benefit to learn how to take things with a grain of salt.
  2. Veiledal

    Canadian Forces base on Google maps ??

    Google maps street view of DHTC from the public road has been blacked out. I'm sure theres nothing stopping anyone from driving by it and taking pictures though
  3. Veiledal

    Operator Ugly Fitness Test

    7.4 miles is 11.68 km
  4. Veiledal

    Operator Ugly Fitness Test

    Think the distances for the run are a little mixed up
  5. Veiledal

    Video: Latvian and Canadian soldiers patrol a city

    They are members of 31 CBG on ex Saber Strike
  6. Veiledal

    computer issue

    Could just be a bug that hid them, If you can go to your computer> in the tool bar (you may have to press alt) click on tools> go to folder options> view> advanced settings> files and folders> hidden files and folders> select show hidden files folders and drives. It'll work if it is the same...
  7. Veiledal

    C9 short barrel with BFA

    I have been told by fellow peers that you should not use the BFA with short barrel of the C9 and instead use the long barrel. The reason I received had to do with the fact that there is too much pressure from the gas when cycling the weapon and it could crack the barrel. Can anyone confirm or...
  8. Veiledal

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    Off forces.ca Be 17 years of age (with parental or guardian consent) or older, except:     Regular Officer Training Plan – Junior applicants, who must be 16 years of age or older This has also been discussed on the this forum before, remember to use the search function (or google, it works...
  9. Veiledal

    Questions about joining the Reserves

    I joined the reserves at 16 with parental consent. The rules have changed a bit though since then, someone correct me if I am wrong. I believe it is 17 with parental consent for reserves and 16 with parental consent while applying for RMC
  10. Veiledal

    Stay in cadets, then RMC or go reserves and then RMC

    You will have different hoops to jump through if you go reserves, than apply to ROTP. My CT got a little mangled in the process and I missed out on ROTP. That being said,  joining the reserves,  even for a couple of years will put you ahead of the game, compared to staying in cadets.
  11. Veiledal

    Drivers License required for enrollment?

    No it is not a requirement, I'm sure someone else can explain how the 404s (military drivers license) works.
  12. Veiledal

    PT- Running with weight and gasmask

    Just have a spotter when working out like that, wouldn't want to overheat and pass out. Everyone wants to be fruity Rudy.
  13. Veiledal

    BMQ easy style?

    You get to go home at night, that's about it. You're still gonna get yelled at, you will still have inspections and still have PT sessions. 
  14. Veiledal

    How to get in contact with reserve units

    Well right now its the christmas stand down so i don't know if you would be able to get a hold of someone right now.
  15. Veiledal

    The stuff the Army issues is Excellent!

    Personally I found the rods way to damaging to my shoulders, so I took them out as well.
  16. Veiledal

    Can You Crack This Code ?

    Any hints or guesses? The only letters I'm seeing are a-f so it could be hex/binary, ascii value maybe.
  17. Veiledal

    CT -- Reserves into ROTP/RMC (merged)

    I am going to try for ROTP as well, I went to the CFRC and they gave me a questionnaire and told me to put a CT through when I parade with my unit.
  18. Veiledal

    Is it Worth it?

    Nobody can really tell you what is best for you, the reserves are a great way to test the waters to see if you enjoy army life. If you were to join the reserves and become fully qualified (for an infantry reservist it requires BMQ, BMQ(L) and DP1) and the transferred to the Reg forces you would...
  19. Veiledal

    Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment ( FORCE )

    A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction? If you surpass a certain level on the beep test (level varies on age and gender) and a receive a  high cumulative score on the other activities you receive an incentive.
  20. Veiledal

    New Rucksack

    I didn't mind bending them I am just curious on how long they stay bent and not deform on long marches. I might be a bigger fan of the ruck if they hadn't issued me an XL bag with XS shoulder straps and XS waste buckle