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  1. foxtwo

    Reserve Co-op enrollment 2014-2017

    Co-Op 2007 anyone???
  2. foxtwo

    Anyone Else's Enrollment Going So Fast?

    Mine is going through really fast through. Just a medical left  :)
  3. foxtwo

    Replica Lee Enfield Rifles

    I think my unit uses .22's with the bolts removed. I'm not sure if they have been modified any further, they seem okay to me... Correct me if I'm wrong-
  4. foxtwo

    what qualifications do you have?

    I'm qualified to fly any Glider  ^-^
  5. foxtwo

    Air Cadet International Exchange

    I don't have too much background information on it, but i don't think it would be to easy. This summer when i was doing my Glider Pilot Course we flew in international exchange cadets out of Mountainvew (part of 8 Wing Trenton) and i bet whenever we go off somewhere we probably get to do cool...
  6. foxtwo

    Best Box Lunch and Worse

    The best box lunch ive every had contained a BLT wrap and a pizza sub. mmm. too bad we never got it ever again  :(
  7. foxtwo

    Cadpat for reserves?

    Are the Gerbers that are issued brand new or used?
  8. foxtwo

    Who here has a Cadet Medal, what is it, and what did you have to do to get it?

    I started this topic back in early 2005 because I was curious about medals. I got my first medal a few days ago.  :) Legion Medal of Excellence
  9. foxtwo

    Canadian Automated Pilot Selection System (CAPSS)

    The minimum age for ACS is 16 or 17. Can't find it...
  10. foxtwo

    Canadian Army music video

    I'm not sure, but i have the hard copy... If anyone knows how just send me a PM  :)
  11. foxtwo

    Canadian Army music video

    Here's another one http://media.putfile.com/Canadian-Forces-Over-There
  12. foxtwo

    DEU Questions

    WILCO  ;D
  13. foxtwo

    DEU Questions

    So this melted plastic wont get all messed up if we send it to the dry cleaners right?
  14. foxtwo

    The air cadet thread

    Wow thats really useful! It looks very similar to my Sqn exam lol. Thanks condor
  15. foxtwo

    The air cadet thread

    Moving on... The entrance exam for Glider is in 2 weeks. Time to cram in some "ftgu" for the rest of my holidays... :P Any good exam study tips? (edited for spelling)
  16. foxtwo

    Pilot Equiptment

    Again, wow. But what do you mean by this?
  17. foxtwo

    Pilot Equiptment

    Really!! That is so cool. I never knew he wrote a book. I'll probably check it out...
  18. foxtwo

    Pilot Equiptment

    Did you not see the movie  :-\ (after the bird goes down, like hundreds of rebels are trying to kill the crew...)
  19. foxtwo

    Pilot Equiptment

    After watching Black Hawk Down, I would kinda want a few C8's and about a million mags in my Griffin... :-\
  20. foxtwo


    I looked into it and so far it's: Feb-June 08h00-16h00 Mon-Thu Pay is the same. You get BMQ and SQ and sometimes you are gone for a week (i.e. Borden) There's a CATO here that I don't quite understand. Can someone explain it a bit better? http://cadets.ca/_docs/cato-oaic/1335_b.pdf