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  1. Rubes

    Any experience claiming damaged/less functional nose?

    Good day, In 2007 I shattered my nose and fractured my forehead in a Coyote.  Since then I have had issues breathing through my nose and frequently get congested.  I also still have a dent in my forehead, but other than looking funny in a certain light otherwise doesn't affect my life...
  2. Rubes

    Help find missing Trenton soldier

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/257822320935766/258478117536853/?notif_t=like Hey guys, I came across this on Canadiangunnutz.  He's been missing since wednesday, so guys who are in the area keep your eyes out.  He has a wife and a daughter and apparantly was last seen at work at around noon...
  3. Rubes

    Underage Drinking Fears (Merged)

    Don't worry about it, they know that most people drink by the time they are 17.  As long as they don't think you're an alcoholic, and you don't lie to them, you're fine.
  4. Rubes

    Combat Engineer Bomb tattoo

    Thanks a lot, I'll pass this on to my buddy.  Much appreciated.
  5. Rubes

    Combat Engineer Bomb tattoo

    I am looking for a photo of the combat engineer flaming bomb that many engineers have tattooed on their right hand.  My friend needs the artwork for course to put on all the windows.  Any other artwork related to the engineers would also be appreciated.  Thanks in advance
  6. Rubes

    BMQ 8 Jan Borden- Who's going?

    If you are going with Reg Force members then you are taking the 13 week Reg BMQ.  Your basic will be the same as all Reg Force members.  There was a reservist on my course as well, though I'm not sure why they take the 13 weeks.  There is a reserve BMQ in the summers that is much shorter, but...
  7. Rubes

    BMQ 8 Jan Borden- Who's going?

    chaz, you were with Bravo1 I assume? I graduated 2 weeks prior with Alpha1; we were wondering how you guys were doing on your field weeks.  For those going to Borden for reg force BMQ, ask chaz, myself or a few others who have done the 13 week course.  SoF, unforuntately your reserve course...
  8. Rubes

    Looking for basic training grad pictures

    I graduated on November 30th in Borden, so chances are your son was in the same parade.  I can probably get you some pictures.  PM your son's name.
  9. Rubes


    I'll stick with the crossword.
  10. Rubes

    BMQ September 2007 - ALL locations Thread

    Sept 4, Combat Engineer.
  11. Rubes

    Basic sept 4th

    Is this the Borden BMQ?  If so, I will also be there. Combat Engineer  ;D
  12. Rubes

    Don Cherry Supports the troops! - MERGED THREAD

    Don Cherry said he got his hat from www.cfpsa.com/canex on one of his Coach's Corners.  Try there, they might have something. EDIT:  https://www.cfpsa.com/en/canex/wyn/generalPublic/shoplist_e.asp?uid=586926&location=&dept=6  Here is the merchandise page.
  13. Rubes

    Heathen hunting: Tyrbold award

    Are you Asatru?
  14. Rubes

    Worldcup 2006 (Note: May contain spoilers if you are recording games)

    Is Iceland in the World Cup?
  15. Rubes

    article that preaches negative perspective about the youth of the CF

    I responded to this article last week, and an edited version of it has now appeared on their website, and I would assume in the latest issue of the magazine. My apologies if I made any mistakes in the response: FAST TIMES AT MACHINE GUN HIGH STRETCHED ARMED FORCES QUIETLY LURE HIGH-SCHOOLERS...
  16. Rubes

    running: treadmill or outside?

    Thanks a lot.
  17. Rubes

    running: treadmill or outside?

    Will increasing the incline slightly still provide the same workout as running outside? 
  18. Rubes

    Unit PT - Best Practices

    How long is the average run in battalion?