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  1. Sundborg

    Got my call...almost...

    Medic269, look for a guy named Timpany on your basic, he's a good buddy of mine. His trade is Infantry I believe.
  2. Sundborg

    Got my call...almost...

    Good Luck
  3. Sundborg

    Questions about living at Nelles Block...

    I knew nothing about donairs when I lived out west, until the day I finally got to Halifax, and I was like "wtf are those?" haha...  they taste ok though.
  4. Sundborg

    Canadian Forces Salute Video

    Nice Video  :)
  5. Sundborg

    Actual Hot Trades ?

    If you like electronics, the navy NET trades are really undermanned, esp. the acoustic and radar (tactical) trades.
  6. Sundborg

    New "Hard Sea Trade" NCM Recruiting Videos

    I think the videos look great! They are far better than the ones they used to have on there a couple years back.
  7. Sundborg

    Regs to Reserve after conpletion of 1st contract?

    If I were you, I would rather just start your 2nd career and get a jump start instead of joining the reg force and losing 3-5 years of the career you really want to do. But if you still want to join the reserves, do so at the same time you start the career you would have after the reg force...
  8. Sundborg

    Two Canadian soldiers injured in Afghan battle 12 Jun 06

    I'd like to hear about the casualties from the taliban side and what actually happened... And I hope the two soldiers have a complete, but quick, recovery.
  9. Sundborg

    QL3 Training for Stokers

    NETP is 5 weeks long. And they are usually pretty backed up with course loading, so don't expect to get on it right away without waiting a few months or more.
  10. Sundborg

    Whar are your hot-button issues?

    Parking is definatly a problem in Halifax and at the dockyard, I can't wait to get out to Esquimalt where there is lots.
  11. Sundborg

    Gotta do PT again...

    I had to do my PT test over again after the 6 months, but nothing else.
  12. Sundborg

    Where do you work?

    I voted Halifax, but I'm currently stationed in CFS St. John's at the moment.  I was just in Halifax, and it is the closest base.
  13. Sundborg

    The what is your favorite car thread

    Where did u manage to pick one of those up?
  14. Sundborg

    The what is your favorite car thread

    excellent.  ;D
  15. Sundborg

    The what is your favorite car thread

    2005 Pontiac GTO - the sad part is that they are inadmissable into Canada, even though they are sold in the states.  It has to do with the rear bumper not meeting the standards.  ::) On a 2nd note, I drive a 2001 Z24 Cavalier.  ;D
  16. Sundborg

    Kosovo video... a lil inappropriate :S

    That's pretty good :)
  17. Sundborg

    How to Shower!

    That's great!  lol
  18. Sundborg

    Quiet in here....

    I agree, the fog is pretty bad here.
  19. Sundborg

    New member

    Welcome to the site.
  20. Sundborg

    Navy may ban beards on submariners

    I just had a beard that I got rid of yesterday for personal reasons.  I see no reason to ban beards from navy personel due to one fire incident.  It's a naval tradition and it should be honoured.  As long as they are kept trimmed and neat, there should be no reason to ban them from submariners.