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  1. Raquette

    T-Shirt Folding Video to Help you out in BMQ

    Learn this by hearth before BMQ and you'll save precious time. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4776825453418327083&q=shirt+fold
  2. Raquette

    Par curiosité, Vos instructeurs a St-Jean

    20 juillet 04
  3. Raquette

    Par curiosité, Vos instructeurs a St-Jean

    Ceux qui sont partis de St-Jean récemment j'me demandais quels instructeurs vous avez connus et eu ? J'me demande si c'est les même que j'avais dans l'temps.
  4. Raquette

    BMQ 30 Janvier

    Argh moi j'attend desespérement mon certificat de naissance que j'ai perdu dans un déménagement... sinon je serais probablement avec vous :|
  5. Raquette

    St-Jean le 9 Janvier ,venez m'écrire!!

    Hey c'est qui vos instructeurs a St-Jean ? J'me demande si c'est les même que vla deux ans.
  6. Raquette

    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    Compter How long did the second application progress took and when did you VR'ed the first time ?
  7. Raquette

    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    Well I hate speakin about that but it's actually because of my girlfriend who was threatening to kill herself. She was a serious depressive and had a light schyzophrenia... I dropped out of the army because I was dumb enough to think I was saving her.... But after several month spent with her, I...
  8. Raquette

    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    Island Rhybo, how long did your application took the second time ? Did they ask you in the interview why you quit and did they asked you why you want to get back in ? Well, anyway, I'll go fill the application sheet this week.
  9. Raquette

    Verification of Former Service (VFS) [Merged]

    I was wondering if the army take back people who had VR (Volontary Release) ? I hate this civilian life, everything is so boring... Damn.
  10. Raquette

    dans 48 heures c'est mon tour...

    J'ai craqué vers la fin de mon cours de recrue pour ma part.... Ma copine était trop loin de moi.... Je regrette amerement ce que j'était fait, je m'ennuis tellement de tout ce que jyai fait... Bah j'y retournerai bien un jour....
  11. Raquette

    Packing for Basic [MERGED]

    What about CD Player ? Can I bring one with a few CD ?
  12. Raquette

    BMQ in 3 week and I get a Wrist Tendinitis HELPP !!!

    Well, that doctor gave me something for 10 days, but he also said it could maybe take longer.... So I am kind of scared... And I was hoping that someone could tell me: Hey Man don't worry, I had the same thing, 7 days and it was over... And for the joke well.... huh.... ^-^
  13. Raquette

    BMQ in 3 week and I get a Wrist Tendinitis HELPP !!!

    Can someone tell me if it's long before this injury heal ? A Doctor gave some medicament, but I just hate taking these... I am so afraid that I'll not be ok for BMQ.... Damn Damn Damn !!! Someone tell me that with 3 weeks I'll be able to get rid of this.
  14. Raquette

    Basic Reg?????

    The waiting game is sure fun ! I was merit listed en of october 2003 and got my offer on may 2004. I was about to return to school this summer, had to cancel everything :D :D Goood :p
  15. Raquette

    July 13th

    I'm starting 20th of july... You are lucky to start one week before me hehehe !
  16. Raquette

    What should I bring on BMQ, Contact lense or glasses ?

    If I take glasses while training, should I buy something to hold my glasse on my head... I don't know how to call this in english, something like a elastic ...
  17. Raquette

    BMQ personal kit search

    Do you think I could bring a CD player with a few CDs ? Or it is prohibbed ?
  18. Raquette

    What should I bring on BMQ, Contact lense or glasses ?

    The question is the topic... Some people told me contact lense were forbidden in the army is that true ?
  19. Raquette

    cours de recrue

    Donc Yorel tu va integrer mon groupe vers la fin du mois d'aout c'est bien ça ? Tu t'rappelle tu de moi, sur le vieux forum de l'armée canadienne. Tk a ceux qui sont et seront dans mon groupe mon nom c'est Dave Bouchard ! Woohooo !
  20. Raquette

    Basic July 20th

    Infantrie Pron I gave my application to the CRFC June 29 2003