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  1. Tow Tripod

    Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31, LAV Coyote, and (partial) G-Wagon Replacement

    I have heard through the grapevine that there is the possibility that the TAPV could be coming to Aldershot, Nova Scotia. I heard the plan is to bring up to 7 vehicles so that the Halifax Rifles would set up a training cadre. Imagine armoured reserve soldiers training on an armoured vehicle one...
  2. Tow Tripod

    Royal Canadian Air Force headed to mission in Africa ‘very soon’: top general

    Wouldn't it be a reasonable demand of the Canadian people to ask why the Government of Canada are sending Canadian Soldiers with Blue Helmets to Africa? Where is the Peace to keep? I don't get this.... Will this be another Stop or I will tell you to stop again mission....? I don't know but I...
  3. Tow Tripod

    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    My I Phone is better.....
  4. Tow Tripod

    TOW is Back

    Without a doubt the Cyberwarfare anylist that will appear in the near future will be bayonets taken out of the Infantry Battalions. How do we protect from depleting the Infantry Regiments of internal assets and assist the CF in establishing new Units? You know if the Americans are implementing...
  5. Tow Tripod

    TOW is Back

    Truly a great day for the Infantry Corps.... The decision to rid the battalions of TOW was an error that only now is being rectified. Death on a Fishline, Man portable for short distance's with out a doubt will remain in the training PAM. VP.   
  6. Tow Tripod

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Say what you want but peace and security is more important in Central Europe than a few thousand wing nuts in the Middle East.
  7. Tow Tripod

    On Guard 90 and the 'Super Master Corporal's' Training Course

    I was on On Guard 1990 as a member of 1PPCLI, C-Coy. They still haven't paid me enough for that Ex! I now have 26 years in and that particular Ex stands out as a horrible experience...
  8. Tow Tripod

    Brad/Chelsea Manning: Charged w/AFG file leak, Cdn angles, disposition (merged)

    Something tells me Chelsea Manning may have a "hard" time in jail....... Just saying.
  9. Tow Tripod

    Did the Army Loose A Lot Of Troops?

    Many ifs but if the Conservative government lost the next election and JT is our next PM I think all bets would be off the table. The cost cutting that the Conservatives have started could roll into "high gear". It would take one study to show the cost effectiveness of moving units from CFB...
  10. Tow Tripod

    Thoughts on Rum Rations & Field Smokers (From:

    43 in real life, 85 at work, 23 on vacation! That's the equation that is in current effect...
  11. Tow Tripod

    Did the Army Loose A Lot Of Troops?

    Forget moving to Shilo. If and when the British Army leaves Suffield I could see units from Edmonton moving down south again. There is just to much sound infrastructure there to go to waste. I'm sure their are people in i senior positions eying that place up.
  12. Tow Tripod

    Thoughts on Rum Rations & Field Smokers (From:

    Smokers were awesome when your 22 but now that I'm 43 I just want to leave the training area as soon as possible after any Exercise....
  13. Tow Tripod

    2 men hack soldier to death in UK, are then shot and wounded by police

    The staff will be punished severely, unfortunately!
  14. Tow Tripod

    Did the Army Loose A Lot Of Troops?

    It's always interesting to read about soldiers leaving the PPCLI for whatever reasons but their is never anything said about troops that get out and then get back in 6 or 9 months later. Many of them will tell you that they really didn't enjoy working in Fort Mac and say the army is a better...
  15. Tow Tripod

    American Avro Arrow

    Well Played!! Danjanou. Ahh the Eighties in Germany when we actually won a war, the Cold War!!
  16. Tow Tripod

    American Avro Arrow

    http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?219446-F-108-Mock-Up-picture Interesting pictures of research and development of American Aircraft from the 1950ish.
  17. Tow Tripod

    Joining The Infantry

    The PPCLI will be looking for recruits because currently the Battalions are almost empty. I know that two course will be coming to :salute: 1PPCLI in December and Mid January. If they all have the same great attitude as the Klutcher their first engagement will be a long ordeal. As for living the...
  18. Tow Tripod

    Benefits Cut...

    The war is over! We have entered a period of Force Reduction (Program) by other means. Its starting to feel like 1992 again. I would love to see how the army now intends to get SNCO's to be posted to CFB Wainwright next summer.Brutal.
  19. Tow Tripod

    Infantry re-opening?

    I know that LFWA TC will be running a DP1 Infantry REG Force course in the summer fall and in January of 2013. Good luck if your going P.P.C.L.I. Then again the schedule could have changed for the 100th time since I left!!!
  20. Tow Tripod

    New Jihadi Training Method: Sodomy?

    Some people here are in serious need of diversity training! Hardy Har Har!