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    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    You're saying a one time DLN nuclear safety course with seven true false questions for the final exam wouldn't be sufficient?
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    Updated Army Service Dress project

    We have a uniform designed to have bling that tells your life story. We have a uniform intended to be functional, protective and utilitarian to permit sailors, soldiers and aviators to do their jobs. We have confused them, and added unnecessary bling to the functional uniform.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    50/50 chance in getting the base right, at least...
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    Ontario Majority Government 2022-2026

    Former president of the RCL branch in Woodbridge has been charged with fraud for writing herself dozens of cheques, totalling over $33,000. In her full time job, she's an executive assistant to the Ontario Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce...
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Original report identifies it as 188735; OSINT reports that aircraft as belonging to 409 Sqn in Cold Lake as of 2016. https://caspir.warplane.com/bin/warplanero.exe?action=webprograms&subaction=airserialscanadian&aircraftno=200000388
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Ah. https://www.cp24.com/news/canadian-air-force-investigating-inappropriate-and-unapproved-call-sign-broadcast-on-u-k-flight-1.6577085
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Haven't seen that one yet...
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    2023 UCP Alberta election

    Lifeworks, interestingly enough, is the successor company to Morneau Shepell. Yes, that Morneau.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Is that the CMP actual court martial, the CFLTC command team both relieved of their positions, the Snowbirds pilot being charged...
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    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    Delays in reporting are sometimes associated with not thinking you would be believed at the time. There is no one simple way for people to process their experiences.
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    Ontario Majority Government 2022-2026

    Nobody in Hollywood could write this: Ryan Amato, at the centre of the Greenbelt controversy, is the son of a police officer who specialized in organized crime, with a particular focus on developers - and who spent years working alongside the current head of the OPP...
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    Sept 2023 UKR Vet Recognition Incident (merged from several threads)

    For there to be "holes in the vetting process" first you need a vetting process.
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    Trudeau Popularity - or not. Nanos research

    Before or after 1945?
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    Cost of housing in Canada

    The train to Montreal for the weekend, however, is slightly longer.
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    Cost of housing in Canada

    The good news is that rent in Saskatoon is a third of the rent in Vancouver. The bad news is you have to live in Saskatoon.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    According to the DCSA, the MQ9Bs are being acquired through direct commercial sale, not FMS. So quantity and cost information will not be published there. https://www.dsca.mil/press-media/major-arms-sales/canada-mq-9b-integrated-systems
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    LGBTQ Stuff (split from other political threads)

    Paraphrasing Lady Gaga, I see ;)
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    A non zero number of donated items are not currently in production. And others where production lines are open have significant waiting times due to demand.
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Canada announces $650m in aid - good international relations. Promises include armoured vehicles from GDLS in London, and flight and aircraft maintenance trainers, presumably from CAE in Montreal - good domestic politics.