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    No Fitness Test?

    I did BMQ March of last year. A few got the punt after the week 0 express test. How embarrassing! Aim to do double the required number of push ups and sit-ups prior to going. You want to exempt both express tests. I thought that we'd all get so much better by week 8 but was wrong. During those...
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    A 36 years youngwoman and going for it

    I joined last year at 50. I was worried about going to BMQ and being fit enough, was not wanting to be "the old fart" lagging behind, lol. Loads of people thought I was nuts but I was determined to join, put in my best effort and make the best of it. I was always in decent shape and for a guy my...
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    BMQ questions

    Keep it simple. Go in with an open mind. Watch the Basic Up videos. The format changes frequently. Learn how to eat very quickly!! Train physically prior to going (P90X, running helped me) Don't get caught up in rumours and drama when you get there, focus on the instructors!
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    Questions about living at Nelles Block...

    I'm surprised nobody responded recently. Anyway, I spent 10 months at Nelles Block, 7 of which was my actual QL3 course. I had 2 roommates, we all got along. There is 1 closet per person which is quickly filled with your CF clothes and some civvy clothing. A TV is provided, free cable too. There...
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    BMQ - St. Jean - March 2011

    I swore in on Feb 25, drove to St Jean on March 7, started March 8...last year. I never heard of anybody arriving early. I can't see that they have anything for 1 or more recruits to do while they wait for the rest of the 70 or so platoon to arrive. We all started the same day, a Monday and were...
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    Friends of Bill W

    For those attending St Jean and are interested in AA meetings, you will find one in the Chapel put on by members of a local group. I went every Friday night during my 14 weeks. If things have changed, just ask the Padre there, he can hook you up. Scott
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    Desperately need advice

    Take a break from physical activity until you go, don't worry about it. I went with shin splints in both legs and made it through. I just used lots of tiger balm and found people with ibuprofen. I did St-Jean at 50, just sayin........
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    After BMQ - PAT [Merged]

    I'm with everyone saying save your money. Like mentioned you graduate Thursday. On Wednesday, we were allowed to see our loved ones for 1 hour (at the Mega, second floor only). And then again from after the parade till 10PM Thursday night (we could leave the Mega from about 6PM on. Crappy and...
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    difference between ERC and Security Clearance at Basic

    One thing is for sure...during all the time you are at BMQ, the record check they do there is only to apply for the clearance. Now in Esquimalt, after BMQ the navcom folks are being told the actual clearance process will now take them up to 13 months. I believe that navcom is a Top Secret level...
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    March 2010 - BMQ - All Locations

    Well, it's done! Started March 8, graduated June 10, flew to Esquimalt June 11. 14 weeks of well, BMQ! No way to sum it up in a few sentences. The experience, whether positive or negative, depends on the instructors you get, the mix of people in the platoon and the overall maturity level of the...
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    Internet at the MEGA

    I'm in the blue section at the Mega, no wifi here. I found wifi parked outside of the Futureshop and inside the Harvey's, both in St-Jean. 5 min drive from Mega. I'm starting week 6. We didn't see our electronics till our first weekend off which was after week 4 (note: week 0, week 1 etc.) Prior...
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    Shuttle Run Calculations

    My way of thinking is this....download the mp3 of the beep test.....and do it over and over again to train for it! That's what I did and I am improving....keep it simple!
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    What Happens if I fail one test but pass all the others?

    Good info and links here: http://www.cfpsa.com/en/psp/fitness/general_e.asp
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    knowing course dates beyond BMQ?

    I think we get more info around week 7-8 as to when NET, SQ and QL3 courses will be. At that stage of the game, they have a feel for whether or not we are going to complete BMQ successfully. This isn't official info.
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    Feb/March BMQ 2010

    Yup, 22 sleeps, lol......Congrats!!!! I can hear the sigh of relief from here!
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    Autobiography Thread (merged)

    I remember filling out an application for the RCMP and it was understood that it was to be followed "to the letter" There were curve balls thrown in, in the instructions. Believe you me, a comma in the wrong spot, a certain letter not capitalized etc. meant a complete redo. It was about...
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    Feb/March BMQ 2010

    Platoon Numbers: http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/menu/cfc-ecc/sem-wee/index-eng.asp
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    Feb/March BMQ 2010

    ....and yet another Maritimer! See ya there!
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    Basic Up

    Thanks buddy, well worth watching!!
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    March 2010 - BMQ - All Locations

    Count me in too....March 8, swearing in Feb 25 in Halifax! hmmmm....to drive or not to drive (to St Jean)??????