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    The Depression / Anti Depressants Merged Thread

    Hi, I've passed the recruiting process with a history of depression, 10 years since my last episode and medic signed off, went off to basic and was sent home failing to qualify on the range. Being sent home brought up a lot of emotions and sadness, and while I'm in BRT with my local Naval...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    Just finished my medical. Went over my history and checklists which took about an hour. Did a vision test, colour blind, height, weight, waist line, hearing test and blood pressure. After that I had to get changed into shorts and only in shorts only listened to heart, lungs and my abdoman. They...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    When I took my CFAT they simply told me I made Inf Officer. I haven't done an aptitude test before and I would have like to know what other trades I'd do well in. That was before I found out it was just a qualification that I have the ability to comprehend officer training, regardless what trade...
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    Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)-RMC 2000 - 2018 [Merged]

    First post in a looong time. I'm applying for ROTP for Inf Officer. I hope to go to a civy U (UWindsor or UWO) as I'd like to get the best of both worlds, civy U and thirteen years in the CF. My paperwork was accepted and two days later I got a call from CFRC London for my CFAT and made officer...
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    Afghan women to miss out on vote in landmark election

    That's depressing  :(. Any chance of delaying elections (again) as millions won't be able to vote? They delayed it for security (if I recall correctly) but now that it's more secure there's no women power to man the polls. Either that or ship 40,000 women from ISAF and volunteer countries in...
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    Vietnam War Draftdodger Meets His Natural End

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. The funny thing is that roughly 20,000 draft dodgers came up here to avoid the war while an estimated 40,000 Canadians crossed into the US to fight in Vietnam.
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    Who lost the Vietnam war and why?

    The Vietnam War is my passion. The US won all major battles. Other than the occasional SF or firebase that was overran, when the US made contact, they walked away from it. Here's the but: Since it was an insurgency kill ratios don't matter, you can't win by attrition. The real battle was for...
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    Boeing Tweaks AH-6 for Export

    I don't think their being seriously being considered but from other posts here some think its a role to be filled for protecting our future Chinooks. That's why I added the dreaming part  :)
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    Boeing Tweaks AH-6 for Export

    http://www.defensenews.com/story.php?i=3761476&c=AME&s=AIR My civy mind is just curious if this would be a future option for convoy/chinook escort if our dreams of AH-1's are destroyed? Boeing Tweaks AH-6 for Export By GAYLE S. PUTRICH Published: 7 Oct 18:08 EDT (22:08 GMT)  PRINT  |    EMAIL...
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    27 Sept 08: "Two Canadians hurt during outpost attack in Afghanistan"

    I just have no idea of TB numbers if attacks are commonly two guys taking pot shots and asking for trouble or do they move in squad, multiple squads, platoons? During the 70's the 1st Air Cav would set up FOB's in the middle of nowhere as bait and once an attack of say a few companies they'd be...
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    27 Sept 08: "Two Canadians hurt during outpost attack in Afghanistan"

    Get well soon to the wounded. I'm just curious, roughly how many TB attack an outpost? I know each case is different and depending of the size of base but are we talking 5, 20, 50, 100? Is there enough to draw them out to an outpost in the open and not hiding among the people and drown them in...
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    Pellet Guns & Federal Control

    I'm kinda mixed and I'll explain why. I play airsoft which is 6mm wax bb's out of replica weapons. You can get an airsoft version of any small arms used all over the world. We use a 400fps for all weapons except bolt action, we let our snipers max out at 450fps for accurate over long range...
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    ISAF, ANA Halting Offensive Ops for UN Peace Day

    I always wonder why this has to be made public since it clearly opens the chance of enemy attacks. We know TB pay attention to the Canadian media so why let them know? Unless this is false hoping for a big attack leaving them in the open and we clean them out but I doubt it.
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    Unity of Purpose

    Good to know more support is on its way. Good luck to trying to unify all of NATO. I'm glad Gen Petraeus's attention is now on Afghanistan since he seemed to turn Iraq right around (from my civilian view of the issue). I picked up the US Army/USMC Counterinsurgency field manuel which Gen...
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    Afghan Killed by Canadian Troops - Fri. Sept. 19

    I was thinking this same thing that it could be unarmed TB going for a media victory and have more debate over here.
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    The CF After Afghanistan - Missions, Roles & Capabilities

    I just meant the goals we have set out to complete by 2011, training the ANA, wiping out polio in the province, fixing that dam(the name escapes me at the moment) and there were a few others. I may still be a civy but I know killing all TB won't end the war :)
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    The CF After Afghanistan - Missions, Roles & Capabilities

    I really hope so. If the job is done by 2011, awesome. If not I hope some sort of loop-hole can be found allowing getting the job done. I'd hate for it all to be in vain.
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    POLL: Omar Khadr

    http://www.achannel.ca/london/news_4097.aspx "Do you think the Harper Government should get involved and pressure the US to return Omar Khadr back to Canada?" "Yes - I believe they should get involved" "No - I think they should stay out of it" or "I don't care" So far it looks about 25% say...
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    Cluster Munition Treaty and Canada

    I'm a civy, thinking outloud and out of my league, but would it be possible to have a disposable GPS in each bomblet of cluster ammunition?  If the bomblets don't explode then they could be tracked and cleaned up by EOD? That way cluster ammunition could be deployed but unexploded bomblets could...
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    Afghan Interpreters, Others Fast-tracking to Canada

    Good point. I never thought of it that way. I'd be open to letting immigration for Afghans that have assisted us in the field a little easier. Maybe with a letter of recommendation to separate everyday Afghans that want to live here. Not sure how to make the process easier though.