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    Cansof reservist recruiting

    They genuinely take them seriously. I have heard many stories of reserve guys attempting selection.
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    Question Regarding NCM to Officer CT

    This is a very specific question that I hope the community can help answer! Does having Mod 1,2 and 3 currently write off the Common Army Phase for purple trades in the Officer world? Note: I do not have Mod 4, and i am looking to go reserve army Log O
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    The broker referred me to CFRC for CFAT re-write. I don’t know what power the broker has to get the CFAT done other than sending it to CFRC
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    Hey guys, I’m looking for some guidance and advice. I’m a reserve NCM in the service battalion and I submitted a CT Application back in mid-November for the ROTP civi university pathway. My local CFRC is London. I know I had to redo my CFAT and interview (haven’t done either one yet), but I...