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    Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship AOPS

    Perhaps we'll see a RCN ship visit CFS Alert once more. The last (if I got my history right) was HMCS/CGS Labrador which reached Cape Sheridan - that is if the map in the history annex of  CFS Alert was correct - and my memory as well (1976 was a long time ago).
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    Question about Camp Acommodations

    Hi. I directed Sylwester to this site as it is a chance to get the Canadian prospective. The question is yes, left field, but legitimate as the cultural norms between Poland and North America differ (Having lived in Poland for 14 years... I know this... too... well). Basically, he is asking for...
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    Arbeit macht Frei.....stolen.

    Infamous sign at Auschwitz death camp stolen Gabriela Baczynska, REUTERS: Friday, December 18, 2009 12:38 PM A bird flies above a gate of the Auschwitz Museum about two weeks before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in Oswiecim in this file photo dated in January 9, 2005. The...
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    Bridges & Equipment of an Engineering Regiment

    Hey Kat! Of course my memory is fritzing. I teach English in Poland - how can it not? It's not just the memory either.     Seriously though, isn't 'aid to civil power' one of the roles of the military? So what can engineer units bring to the table - some  EOD work, the diving section...
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    Bridges & Equipment of an Engineering Regiment

    As an aside, have any of you ever driven/see any vehicle cross over the MGB (and isn't it a class 60 bridge max?)? I'd imagine it must be one scary  thing to do. How many (wheeled) vehicles can cross over it anyway (in its class 60 configuration)?  In ... errr.... 8 years of messing about with...
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    Respect our values or Leave

    From the perspective of someone working in (Central) Europe, in the educational field (for how long, I don't know - Poland is rather xenophobic). i'd say the Canadian educational system is superior. Why? Because it teaches you to think and plan. The (Central) European system teaches you to...
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    Australia must join Muslim Asia or perish (according to the Taliban)

    I think 'yes' unfortunately - look at Europe as an example - many nations (Norway, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden) are quasi-Muslim states (and unfortunately not of the liberal stream). Oops, sorry, you did say 'thinking' and 'literate' oh.. and 'patriotic'... that rules out the Political...
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    Prince Charles sings praises of military families

    i rather  'like' (the word being used sarcastically) the spin put on Prince Charles' comments on loyalty by 'some' major news sources - while the article posted reveals he comments on the loyalty (perhaps empathy is a better choice of word) of Canadians to those involved in the Afghan conflict...
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    Navistar awarded 1300 truck contract

    Is there anything new to be said about these trucks since the last posting? Has anyone driven/used them? What about the other part of this -  the purchase for the reg force component - indeed, what's going on in the field/sea/skies of reequipping/modernizing the armed forces?
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    KFC breaches United Nations security

    hmmm.. I wonder, is there a chance for me to be a security guard at the UN? I mean I know what a bird-colonel looks like...  And I could do with the money....
  11. J

    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    A song and a dance? <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH2nQHPs4aA>  Young Frankenstein... one of the classics...  My take-home pay by the way, at the college teaching level  is 800 zlots/month (after ten years) - that is about 230 dollars.. Some of my former students  who are starting out on...
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    What's the dumbest thing you heard said today?

    the dumbest thing? i live and work as a teacher in Poland. Tuesday I had to have a meeting with the director. teachers and students accused me of being too helpful. That is I edited guided and proofread  their bachelor works - mostly because their supervisors do not bother - it also occurs with...
  13. J

    US to cancel European Missile Shield Plan

    Well it's natural based on history isn't it?  But these idiots that are the Polish government do not move on. Poland is in a unique situation for cross-border trade - its geographical disadvantage (historically) is an advantage given states of quasi-peace or what-ever term you prefer...
  14. J

    US to cancel European Missile Shield Plan

    Catastrophic? Seeing as i live here (in Poland), the reality is no one really cares. There are too many other concerns - the economic situation, health care, education, a coal mining disaster in the south - and the idiots that are the government. Poland's biggest catastrophe is its coalition...
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    Tory minority in jeopardy as opposition talks coalition. Will there be another election?

    Well, two cents or zloties from Poland where i reside, this country (Poland) does not have first-passed-the-post style elections, hence, coalition governments, almost every two months it seems a new one - nothing gets done, no stability, the politicos are basically a bunch of braying jackasses -...
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    3 Fld Sqn (1 CER)

    hi! Life has taken me to stranger places since - forstry - geology - agronomy and now - and for the last ten years - an impoverished  teacher of English - in Poland.... I suppose I could go lower..... Naaaaaaaaa...... We have to have a reunion sometime!
  17. J

    French accuse English of war crimes and exaggeration over Agincourt

    heavy metal man! heavy metal!
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    Canada's Place in the Global Economy

    implications in my side of the pond: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/27/business/worldbusiness/27poland.html?th&emc=th October 27, 2008 Credit Crisis Slows Economy in Once-Hot Poland By NICHOLAS KULISH WARSAW — Poles were jolted last week by the sudden discovery that they were not immune to the...
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    CFB Chlliwack Book

    Yeah, a beautiful place - still remember that. but wayyyyyyy too many officers lurking about... but truly a beautiful place. I agree about the museum, it should have been left there, as yes, many of the items were from 6th field (circa 1975 - 82) ... but I guess, the administration would have...
  20. J

    Georgia and the Russian invasions/annexations/Lebensraum (2008 & 2015)

    A little bit more about the Ukraine and some activiies going on in this area:  Mayor of Moscow exports Russia's new nationalism By Clifford J. Levy Sunday, October 26, 2008 TSKHINVALI, Georgia: On a clearing in this disputed city, where enemy homes were bulldozed after the conflict in...