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    Redefining the Golden Hour

    Great article, I am interested in the responses from the Military Medical community also. Thoughts from the civilian side, I must say that many life saving interventions that we are currently using in regards to trauma care come from Military medicine. Most recently, modern bleed control...
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    Firearms and pregnancy

    Thanks for the replys so far. "Interesting" why?
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    Firearms and pregnancy

    Hi, I'm looking for some information for a friend who is pregnant and looking at the risks involved with shooting and pregnancy. She routinely uses firearms in her trade. I have not been able to find a lot of good information on this topic so I thought I would also try here. Specifically...
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    23 Oct 1969 - HMCS Kootenay (merged)

    That's great Pat..thanks. There is a lot of different information out there.
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    23 Oct 1969 - HMCS Kootenay (merged)

    I am aware she was sold to Mexico for use as an artificial reef but have recently been told that she may not have been sunk yet. These veterans may be interested in bringing her back to Canada.
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    23 Oct 1969 - HMCS Kootenay (merged)

    A friend of mine who served on the Kootenay during the explosion along with some others are now interested in her location and the possibility of her recovery and return to Canada if she is still afloat. I am looking for any info on her and have encouraged them to join this forum. Thanks. Rob.
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    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    I was asked to take a look at this page. Don't recognize him but it doesn't mean he isn't a Toronto medic. Although under his history there is no mention of his education at a college offering the Paramedic program.
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    ORNGE Air Ambulance Down in 2013 - 4 Fatalities

    Today we held the final memorial for the 4 fallen. For those interested here is a link to the video of the service followed by a fly past at the end with piper John Lyndsay from the Ontario Paramedic pipes and drums. It was nice to see and speak with members of the Canadian Forces who attended...
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    Advanced Care Paramedic ( ACP )

    Unfortunately not everyone can work in Toronto and have ACP fully covered. There is a big EMS world outside of Toronto. No offense. Some of our students are from outside the Province, others are paying for it on there own and work for services in Ontario. Others have had employers pay for the...
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    Advanced Care Paramedic ( ACP )

    There are also other Ontario colleges that offer the ACP program. Durham college and Georgian college to name 2. I teach at Georgian and think we have an excellent program, but of course I have some bias.
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    Want CADPAT stethoscope cover

    Just want one for the "cool" factor?
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    Griffin fly by Dec 5th. Newcastle ON.

    Ok thanks! It was green. Initially we thought it was SAR but wasn't painted in those colors. After the few passes over us (condo/towns) it flew off along the lake shore westbound towards the Darlington Nuclear site. Approached from the East along the lake shore initially. It was nice to see...
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    Griffin fly by Dec 5th. Newcastle ON.

    On the off chance the Griffin crew might see this.... Great fly by over my house in Newcastle ON this PM at about 1730. (Port of Newcastle Marina area) We were out doing some Crossfit on the street and we gave you the thumbs up. Iv'e never seen a pass or several passes in this case at such a...
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    Sea King helicopter lands near grocery store

    Was there a medical team on board or do you mean a scary moment for the responding Ambulance crew to the scene? Glad everybody is ok. I used to work for EHS in Nova Scotia. Love it thereĀ  :) :yellow:
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    HMCS Athabaskan

    Thanks for moving this and for the reply. Happy to see a refit has been completed and she is heading back to Halifax. Maybe I will see her pass by my house on her transit.
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    HMCS Athabaskan

    Hello, I have read in a local media report here in Ontario that HMCS Athabaskan is in need of an urgent tow out of Lake Ontario and back to Halifax before the canal freezes over. I am curious as to why she cant proceed under her own power. The article didn't state why the tow was required. I...
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    Medical Technician

    I am not in the military but teach at a college in ontario where we have several students who are going through on a subsidized education plan. The CF is paying for them to go to school in the Paramedic program to obtain employment and certification as a Med Tech. The CF requires Med-Techs to...
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    US Air Force's flying saucer plans declassified

    If they are talking about this (see pic) my grandfather worked on it. I have some great video of it that my parents have since transfered to VHS.
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    USMC / US Navy Uniforms

    For what it's worth I vacation in Maryland quite a bit and there is a store in Annapolis that supplies the United States Naval Academy with uniforms and they used to have a poster in the window that said they supplied the uniforms for the television show JAG. It was signed by the cast members...
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    Sept 2012: U.S. Ambassador in Libya and two others killed in attack of consulate

    680 News (Toronto) is reporting the US Navy is moving 2 warships into place off the coast of Libya.