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    Who should own CAS & why it can't be trusted to an Air Force (from A-10 retirement thread)

    I'm not sure I understand YZT but its highly unlikely that you're going to have a/c on station for your entire op. One thing that I think gets lost is although it'd be nice to have a/c on station there's usually only 1 guy in the Coy Gp who is controlling them, they can go for quite awhile but...
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    Manitoba Floods 2014

    NS, those pics are Brandon, all the troops are about 130km east of there I'm lead to believe. Sapper, I'm curious as to what assets 2 CER would have that 1 CER doesn't ?
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    Who should own CAS & why it can't be trusted to an Air Force (from A-10 retirement thread)

    nah Max, actually it is the definition that all the ground guys use....I'm surprised with all your CAS experience you didn't know that though, you did work with SOF after all.
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    Who should own CAS & why it can't be trusted to an Air Force (from A-10 retirement thread)

    and close proximity to troops, if it isn't in close proximity to troops then its BAI (Battlefield Air Interdiction).
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    A-10 Warthog to be retired by USAF (maybe)

    Yup agree 100%,  saw F-15E's, F-16's, F-18's, AV-8's, B-1B's (the horror) MQ-1's and 9's all do a lot of great CAS work. The A-10 is obviously a formidable aircraft in this field but to discount the capabilities of the others is somewhat short sighted I'd think. The funny thing is really, there...
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    US Army to buy upgraded 550+ Paladins that include NLOS cannons

    I do know that the 109 isn't coming back but they haven't all been scrapped either. There's still about 20-25 of them sitting in Mtl, some nicely refurbished ones as well, besides why would any arty det need protection from CB when the cam net on the M777 provides that quite nicely  ;)
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    The Air Force blew up this tiny ‘pirate boat’ with a 2,000-pound smart bomb

    Royal, SMax would be able to weigh in on this one but I don't think there's a huge difference in price wrt inert or live munitions, the 'big' cost is tied up in the guidance kit for the weapon.
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    Canine units in or Contracted to Canadian Armed Forces

    N6 There are dogs and handlers in the CF and they're not all with the MPs, you can draw your own conclusions after that.
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    The Merged Thread on Gay/ Homosexual Topics and the CF.

    Sorry Kirsten but having a little trouble comprehending what raising a Gay Pride flag on the base actually does. IMO its opening a can of worms, where does it stop, every ethnic minority will want their flag raised on a Canadian Forces Base because now a precedence has been set. I have no...
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    Ottawa Citizen article

    Interesting article; Please move if in wrong location. http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Canadian+troops+helped+stage+Afghan+revolt+against+Taliban/8145385/story.html
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    UAV/RPA Crew Recognition and Honours

    You could easily argue the merits of the medal but one things for sure, those 12 year olds sure saved a lot of Canadian lives in Kandahar !
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    The Atrophy of Conventional War Fighting Skills?

    and thats why there was G and X CAS and if it was that pressing than an Immediate could always be submitted but I don't think the ATO cycle was the problem. Everyone has their own opinion on the ASCCs but I'd be more concerned about keeping TACPs at the Bde and Div level first.
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    The future of Light Arty (105 mm) (From: Mortars)

    FJAG My earlier post may have been ambiguous, when I said Controller I indeed meant FAC (the more commonly (unofficial) used name now is JTAC, Joint Terminal Attack Controller, even though its a US term). The short answer to your question is yes, most are NCO's mainly because they hang around...
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    The future of Light Arty (105 mm) (From: Mortars)

    Actually FJAG most Controllers nowadays are NCO's and can work either with FOO Parties or independently.
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    The future of Light Arty (105 mm) (From: Mortars)

    Pretty bold statement isn't it Bruce, while I agree that the Arm and Inf should be proficient in the AACFF (and most are) there's a fair stretch between doing it on a range in Wx or Gagetown when the rounds are landing 1.5km + and doing it in operations where most engagements are considerably...
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    Mortars: 51 mm, 60 mm, 81 mm, 120 mm & more

    Not sure I'm following your post K but if your throwing around numbers lets not forget that now the capability will exist to drop a $1000 81mm projectile whereas before they needed to use $70k AGM-114, probably going to make up some cost savings (thats not to say that the Hellfire is going out...
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    AAB 2012 sign of things to come

    Might hijack this thread for a bit but I'll weigh in. Arty Transformation was something IMO that went off half cocked and by looking over the TO&E was done on the back of a napkin over several pints. Look at the FOO Bty for instance; You take a group of pers who have more serialized kit then...
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    A new Avro Arrow (or Super Arrow) instead of the F-35 (Merged thread)

    Hard to believe that a former Army General would endorse an aircraft with no air to ground cape, mind boggling really. Never would have thought Lou would be that naive.
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    Benefits Cut...

    George really ? I thought the "if the military wanted you to have a wife they'd have issued you one" mentality went out with the whole putting butter on a burn concept.
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    Artillery Officer Merged Thread

    Yea to reiterate what Jeffb said unfortunately the amount of time officers are receiving in the FOO role is very minimal just due to the backlog of junior officers right now. The piece that I believe will come back to haunt the Regiments in about 5-7 years is when some of those FOO's come back...