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    2011 CF-18 Demonstration Team Website Launched

    I got there late too and watched from a distance. Why were there only 8 snowbirds? It was weird to see one solo going through the motions without the other.
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    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    Let's see... You will know in 24 hours after you speak with your career counsellor. Good luck.
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    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    I have seen this post several times in the past and I was one of the posters. My file has been, or was open, for more than 2 years. I've had two aircrew dates; both were cancelled just days before. I am sure there are greater stories than mine or yours. I think you should go for Aerospace...
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    LCIS - something wrong here?

    :rofl: How do you feel about the cold or rain while you crank out push ups in a puddle at 04:30?
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    Convoy - The longest battle of WWII

    Thanks gwp for the notice. I ended up watching all four episdoes. My grandfather was a sonor operator in WWII, but unforntunately I didn't hear much about his experiences. I think he felt I was too young and I know he didn't like to talk about it that much. It was great to get a glimpse of what...
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    Tom Cruise may return to the cockpit in upcoming "Flying Tigers" WW2 movie

    Meh. This will go straight to Blockbuster shelves.
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    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    In a nutshell, you need to be more competitive than the others. If there are only 5 spots and you get a score of 70 while thirty or more have scores of 80+...guess what? I've been through this myself. Basically, you applied a year ago and your file is no longer current. Your meds etc. have to...
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    When is the BMQ in ottawa

    Here's the thing: from the time you sign on the line, swear in, and start PAT; you will hear ten different dates. You are going on this date. A week later...this date. Some dates are cancelled or moved. You also have to keep in mind that you have no idea how long it is going to take to process...
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    Alternative Snowbird Aircraft (merged)

    Interesting. Wouldn't they need more than 9 though ? Reminds me of a Simpson's clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al6ndfn-Bic
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    2009 Canadian International Air Show

    Awesome. As always, thanks for sharing!
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    Windows 7

    Just to be clear: it is NOT us! The techs working the floor, answering the phones, deploying software, and supporting the desktop (Baseline) agree 100% with you. We are only doing as we are told. I can't imagine some of these legacy DND apps running on Vista (shims or no shims) or with some of...
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    Windows 7

    If you don't like Vista, brace yourself. It is the next OS at DND and is already in pilot.
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    CFRC Staring to tick me off

    1. Get used to things not going according to plan. 2. Don't title this thread as you have and put your picture as your avatar.
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    St. Thomas Air Show [+ Guelph Flyover]- Nice Pics

    Thanks for sharing the pics; that must have been a great show. I'm interested in seeing the Snowbird pics if you don't mind sharing. I caught Hawk1 and the Snowbirds in Ottawa on Saturday. I was surprised to hear them in the circuit because I knew they were supposed to be in St.Thomas and I...
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    PSAC Resume

    I have 5 years in the PS now; I'm currently with DND. I caution people against throwing a "one size fits all" resume into a PS advertisement. Unless you hit some key words, you aren't going to be screened in. Doesn't matter how qualified you are, if it doesn't line up with their criteria, it...
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    USA F-16's Chase CAN Light Plane That Took Off Without Permission

    Suicide? Nah. Just a giant cry for help. I can think of a number of ways you can effectively kill yourself in a 172; crossing the border and hoping some Vipers wipe me out would not be one of them.
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    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    Well, there you go. Good luck people. If you don't get in this year, keep working on your application. I bet it is more competitive then ever.
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    Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

    Right now, you might have more success with a magic eight ball asking these questions. Wait until the new fiscal begins and the strategic intake plan numbers are out. At that point, talk to your MCC.
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    Reserve BMQs not running in summer?

    The same thing happened last year. Did they offer "retention training"? Hang in there. If you have the opportunity to do some "BMQ-like courses"; do it. It will only help when you actually do go on course and it's a paycheck. Also, you can meet some guys from your Regiment. Be warned though...
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    Caffeine and athletic performance

    There's a guy like that in our gym. He "works out" in blue jeans, hiking boots, and screams through each rep.