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  1. Island Ryhno

    Shin Splints, Blisters, and PT [Merged]

    Peppermint, it'll soothe your feet at the same time.  ;)
  2. Island Ryhno

    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    Uh, you mean people went to bmq before the internet? How did they ever survive?  ???
  3. Island Ryhno

    Pro Patria

    I haven't been on in a long...long...long time, but today I'm missing a very good friend. Have a thought for my friend Jamie Murphy, formally of 1RCR. See you again one day my friend. To all of you still fighting the good fight...godspeed to your safe return.
  4. Island Ryhno

    Edmonton Thread- Merged

    I relocated to Edmonton in November, I live in the west end, outside Mayfield Common, it's a nice area off Stony Plain Road. Go is correct, Stony Plain Road from 150th street to 164th street is garbage and two blocks either south or north is a very nice area. Same as Clareview, Castle Downs etc...
  5. Island Ryhno

    Left Over Turkey

    Turkey A La King, also turkey stew. If you are really adventerous try battered and deep fried turkey.  :P
  6. Island Ryhno

    Edmonton Man Accused of Wife's Murder is Ex- Military

    Think he bolts? I have a sneaking suspicion of cowardice. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this. It's maddening that this guys gets out on bail, christ if I was in the clink for something stupid like selling dope I'd make quite a noise about this. Murderers (or suspected, excuse my PC...
  7. Island Ryhno

    Chance of a lifetime: Autographed Vincent Lecavalier CCM PRO Hockey Gloves

    I don't have a special connection Bomber, sorry I wish I could give you guys some kind of deal. I submit some equipment reviews etc for them, in this particular case I had to explain what a "new" glove should be like and that's how I got the gloves.
  8. Island Ryhno

    Anybody see/remember the JFK quote?

    It's on mine, see!
  9. Island Ryhno

    Chance of a lifetime: Autographed Vincent Lecavalier CCM PRO Hockey Gloves

    bump, cus a catfight knocked it out. I know there are other hockey freaks on here!  :D
  10. Island Ryhno

    Is Infantry still "real time?"

    Don't have to wait for a selection board, could be selected any day of the week. It's new to trades with a lot of open positions. I'm not sure 031, but Kincanucks could tell you, it probably is.
  11. Island Ryhno

    Leave Policy – Weekends (time off) Merged]

    I say a lot people who have been there and done that disagree.  >:D http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/31916.0.html
  12. Island Ryhno

    Chance of a lifetime: Autographed Vincent Lecavalier CCM PRO Hockey Gloves

    Alright guys, I will have a pair of Autographed Vincent Lecavalier CCM PRO Hockey Gloves in my posession within the next week. They are coming straight from CCM, I can provide proof of authenticity to seriously interested parties. I wanted to put it up here first so you guys could have a crack...
  13. Island Ryhno

    Question of the Hour

    Not counting the US, Canada and The Republic of South Korea how many United Nations Countries sent combat troops to Korea? Bonus points for naming the countries!
  14. Island Ryhno

    Leave Policy – Weekends (time off) Merged]

    Armyjewelz, you should lay off on the kids, because that's what they are, 18 year old alpha males about to make good money. So what if your husband is older and will not be out looking for woman or going to the bar, who cares. Do you think that young males don't do this stuff everywhere. Weekend...
  15. Island Ryhno

    are there any hunters here?

    Great site Muskrat, I've actually been on there before, a crowd of us were thinking of doing a helicopter fly in fishing in Montana but it fell through. We hunt woodland caribou here in Newfoundland, we have great fun, going out rememberance day weekend, I'll post pics when I get back!
  16. Island Ryhno

    Afghan bomb injures three Canadian soldiers

    I'm glad they were all ok, any word on the unit they were from. Also was it our guys who killed the bomber? I undertand persec/opsec if that's the case. Good on them if it was them that got the sneaky no good ba$tard.
  17. Island Ryhno

    are there any hunters here?

    I'm into caribou hunting myself. Usually with the father inlaw and one of his son in laws. This year all four son inlaws and the father inlaw are going to shoot some shite, uhhh I mean caribou. Mike, Caribou is much tastier than moose, not nearly as tough, the filet is perhaps the best meat I've...
  18. Island Ryhno

    Anyone here work for law enforcement?

    Fans, Followers and Disciples, you care to explain WTF you're getting at here army_parlegal?
  19. Island Ryhno


    The Bloodhound Gang is a great band, just that one silly song made it to the radio, the rest of their stuff is quite entertaining.