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  1. proudnurse

    Shooting rampage at Fort Hood

    My heart and prayers truly go out to everyone involved in this tragedy. To worry about their loved ones when they go to a war zone over seas , but then this happens right in their own backyard. I'm sure this is hitting close to home for many people all over the world, including those soldiers...
  2. proudnurse

    Rick Mercer and Rick Hansen Bungy Jumping

    That was great, had me laughing quite a bit too.. especially, quote "I feel like a pinata for a bear" yes, great inspiration.. and great humour too
  3. proudnurse

    Word association (just for fun)

    Nothing (since 'nothing' is free)
  4. proudnurse

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    It's the season again for pumpkin stuff :) that sounds really good & sounds like you're doing a great job
  5. proudnurse

    A&W Papa Burgers: The choice of Griffon pilots everywhere

    You can actually order poutine at Swiss Chalet now, where they use the chalet sauce instead of gravy. Last time I took my daughter there for dinner.. we tried it. It's quite good! I don't know how long they've had that.. but it sure is worth a try.
  6. proudnurse

    A&W Papa Burgers: The choice of Griffon pilots everywhere

    If you're hungry.. you're hungry. You gotta do what you gotta do right? :) the burgers at A&W are not too bad at all.. haven't had one in a while, I might have done the same thing had the chance arrived. Now imagine if he took the helicopter to one of the A&W cruise nights with the classic cars...
  7. proudnurse

    All Things Paul Franklin (merged)

    Paul, Keep up the good work and all the best. Over the last 6 years, I have seen alot of courage in my clients that I work with in the home. They do not let their disability or illness get them down. The unfortunate thing for me, has been seeing them struggle to pay for medical supplies or...
  8. proudnurse

    Anyone need a baby, cheap? Some BONEHEAD put their baby up for sale on Ebay

    Of course it is going to be a 'joke'.. after you are caught
  9. proudnurse

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Working, it is a very slow night.. counting down the last 2 hrs & stopped here to see what is new and check out some of the news threads
  10. proudnurse

    Canadian Officials Visit US Deserter

    quote: My heart sank, it was very heavy," Chow said after the meeting. "I was angry that Canada deported him." Does her heart not sink for the families of soldiers KIA? This just clarifies for me why I'd never vote NDP. The thought of people being like this in office, to possibly let deserters...
  11. proudnurse


    With summer on the way, I have another classic drink recipe too. Once you make these, you'll never want the instant 'syrup' kind again. Home blended strawberry daquiries ~There is no specific measurements, as I find the best way to make them is by tasteĀ  ;) -Fresh strawberries *for two...
  12. proudnurse

    M/Cpl Vernelli, Cpl Tyler Crooks, Trooper Bouthillier,Trooper Hayes- RIP

    I have just finished reading about the soldiers in my hometown paper, and was too saddened by the news. May the families and friends find comfort and strength in each other at this time. My prayers are with themĀ  :cdn:
  13. proudnurse

    Canadian Officials Visit US Deserter

    Agreed, I also noted he misses his son. Not only did the soldier try and seek refuge here but starting a family too while in the country illegally.... Whatever will they tell their son as he grows up? That in itself is very sad. He is where he belongs to be, send him home.. leave him where he...
  14. proudnurse

    ~A couple of tribute songs

    I wanted to take some time to share a couple of songs, both seem to truly reflect the families of those who serve. I wish I could find official videos for both, but the songs both sound great. Dean Brody "Brothers" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3GWKAsEP4A Chuck Wicks "Man of the house"...
  15. proudnurse

    The Khadr Thread

    And somewhere out there, a Medic's family deserves justice for thier son Edited to ad an article I've found Kitchener Waterloo Record Thurs; Jan 22, 2009 Reproduced in accordance with fairdealings. article link: http://news.therecord.com/article/475370 Obama halts Khadr trial Brennan...
  16. proudnurse

    Love and loss live on long after war's end (article)

    Yes Granny, it truly caught me too when I was reading the news on my break. Definately thought it was a treasure worth sharing. From the letters he wrote home to the memories his loved ones had. Beautiful article.
  17. proudnurse

    Love and loss live on long after war's end (article)

    A story that's true to touch the heart strings Reproduced in accordance with fairdealings Kitchener Waterloo Record Saturday, Nov 29, 2008 Article Link: http://news.therecord.com/News/CanadaWorld/article/451427 Love and loss live on long after war's end Eileen Zarnke came home one day in...
  18. proudnurse

    The Poppy Selling Superthread- Merged

    I would definately agree with the fine and jail time, although I'd be afraid to leave the alleged thief alone in a Long Term Care facility, to care one on one for the veterans. Chances are, they would probably steal from them again. Not a bad idea, but I would worry about that kind of community...
  19. proudnurse

    Two Army.ca members wed - D Squared and limey11

    Didi my friend, Congratulations to both of you, all the best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness :) you look gorgeous! ~Rebecca