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  1. exgunnertdo

    ROTP at RMC only : 2019 - 2020

    You didn’t mention which arts degree you’re taking, it will likely depend on the program. https://www.rmc-cmr.ca/en/faculty-social-sciences-humanities If you click on your program, then scroll to the bottom, you’ll see the course of study for each degree.  Looks like precalculus is required...
  2. exgunnertdo

    Seamless Canada - MND

    Sure, but that’s not “right” IAW the government of Ontario. He doesn’t live with us. And he’s not on NATO SOFA status anymore, so touchy there too. Plus we’ll be posted back to Canada before he graduates, maybe to another province.  If we get posted to, for example, Manitoba, not Ontario, then...
  3. exgunnertdo

    Seamless Canada - MND

    It’s fairly simple, but there are glitches. My son, for example. He’s now an OCdt in St Jean. We’re OUTCAN. His DL is our Belleville address right now. Before I dropped him in St Jean a few weeks ago, we went to Service Ontario to change the address on his DL to RMC. They would not change it...
  4. exgunnertdo

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    I imagine it will be reconciled a lot like it is now. (Total claimable expenses) - (money spent on card) = claim paid Currently: (total claimable expenses) - (advances) = claim paid
  5. exgunnertdo

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    I guess...if your PA is $5000, they take $2.5K in tax, you can still put $5k into your RRSP, funding the $2.5K taken for tax out of your own resources (LOC?) then get the tax back, pay off the LOC? Cause that's easy, right? [/sarcasm] PITA...stuff like this makes it seem like they think we have...
  6. exgunnertdo

    New IRP / Move policy-effective Dec 01, 2017 [Merged]

    As someone currently on an OUTCAN, I don't see the cash card working for us, I don't believe they can issue something like that in Canada that will be compatible here. We will need to use our own credit card/cash when we leave here in 2020. We can use the cash card on the HHT back to Canada, but...
  7. exgunnertdo

    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    You're going to try to defend that in even the smallest way???? While he may have been trying to figure out the physics of penetration, his question was directly along the lines of "why didn't you try harder stop him from raping you?" He may have been trying to figure out the "mechanics of...
  8. exgunnertdo

    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    I know here in Kingston, someone posted on the unofficial Facebook page for the base, that exotic pets would no longer be allowed.  Also, I think no more than two pets in general.  I have a vague memory that it was a CFHA wide policy, so that it wasn't a "but I could do this in CFB X, why not...
  9. exgunnertdo

    "Re-Royalization", "Re-Britification" and the Heritage Transformation

    ::) I'm on leave and can't dig up the reference, I think it was a CANFORGEN. But when "CF" changed back to "CAF" the announcement said that organizations that are "Canadian Forces something something" won't be automatically renamed "Canadian Armed Forces something something" just for the sake of...
  10. exgunnertdo

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    http://www.afcent.af.mil/Units/386thAirExpeditionaryWing/News/Display/tabid/5446/Article/671952/386th-aew-and-coalition-forces-first-responders-build-skills-partnerships.aspx This is from the USAF PA machine. In actual fact, this was a Canadian exercise - in which the USAF was invited to...
  11. exgunnertdo

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    Never said it was good logic!
  12. exgunnertdo

    Op IMPACT: CAF in the Iraq & Syria crisis

    I do know the logic, at least what I was told by a R0 coworker who asked when he saw a R1 guy on Nov 11 wearing his GSM - medals ordered from theatre take priority over medals ordered from Canada.  They didn't announce the medals until R0 was home, so they've been ordered by the members' ORs. ...
  13. exgunnertdo

    Post Deployment Leave - Entitlement

    This is from CDIO 1000-series, 1.3-7.D Post Deployment Phase (Emphasis mine) Not the answer you were looking for, sorry, but that's what the CDIO says.  CDIO 1.3 12.E, by the way, is the whole bit about what happens on the post-deployment period, including the PWP. There's a lot in there...
  14. exgunnertdo

    Up to 1,500 military housing units sit empty, auditor general says

    Married Service Couple? - meaning two Cpls (a MSC) make more than a Major, but the proposal of tying it to rank would mean the Maj wouldn't be entitled to a PMQ but the Cpls would.
  15. exgunnertdo

    Anyone had any concerns with surgeries 5+ years

    My experience is with a component transfer (Res to Reg), but I still had to do an "enrollment" medical for the CT. I broke my ankle 4.5 years before I CT'd - surgery, plate and pins still in place. On the enrollment medical, the medic spent some extra time on that ankle, looked at it, had me...
  16. exgunnertdo

    Leave - Recall and Other Issues [MERGED]

    I'll put this in this thread, for general purposes - TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE!!!! I am bit of a cruise addict, and spend a bit of time on a message board dedicated to cruising. Almost daily, there are threads about "I have to cancel my cruise for xyz reason. Will Royal...
  17. exgunnertdo

    PSEL 5 CDSB Gagetown - COR/COT file action/service standards?

    I can't offer specific comments about the situation, except to add that a subordinate of my husband's had a big problem with the PSEL office in Gagetown a couple of years ago and the COT process in general (not as a PAT, but a Sgt with a medical COT). Poor guy is still quite bitter over it...
  18. exgunnertdo

    Harrasment in public..Hydro One fires "jerk" for reporter prank

    This...a million times...this. It's NOT funny (no matter how many jerks think it's funny). Normal, adult people who respect others' ability to get their job done should not think this is funny. It's not sex based? How is that NOT sex based? What other meaning does that phrase have?  A man...
  19. exgunnertdo

    Harrasment in public..Hydro One fires "jerk" for reporter prank

    This is the attitude that lets "dumb, juvenile memes" continue. People aren't supposed to be offended or feel threatened because it's "dumb and juvenile?"  I don't know if the CBC piece linked is the same one I heard (can't get Youtube right now), but the one I heard, journalists were being...
  20. exgunnertdo

    Harrasment in public..Hydro One fires "jerk" for reporter prank

    Thank you, that's exactly my thoughts.  It's people walking away and not saying anything that allow tools like this to keep saying things like this. This incident could fit under the Ontario Human Rights Code. The OHRC covers five “social” areas: services, goods and facilities; occupancy of...