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  1. dardt

    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    Remember, a competition list is just that. Its a list from which they select and make offers, you are competing against people from all across the country for a limited number of positions. There is no guarantee that you will ever be offered a position, and there are many variables that impact...
  2. dardt

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    Possibly attach posted, this may help. http://army.ca/forums/threads/97639.0 Sounds right on the QL4. The new ATIS techs I've known had to do an airfield section on their QL4 package. If there's no airfield (i.e. North Bay) I could see one being sent on TD somewhere where there is one.
  3. dardt

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    I'm sure for a B.A., B.Sc. that may indeed work (although would likely require payment of multiple registration deposits if you register for all the universities to which you are accepted, these are also likely nonrefundable). The other factor is that deferment is at the discretion of the...
  4. dardt

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    The boards held for the UTP program decide where you will be going to university, not the CF member. How can one enroll in a university without an offer with a specified school? It may work out if you have a substantial portion of your degree complete, live in the same geographic area as your...
  5. dardt

    Can I go officer 3 year concentration Bachelor's Degree

    I verified the document in question while at work (AERE MOSID entry requirements). I wasn't completely correct in my previous statement. Although the 75% quantity I stated is true, it turns out it must be a B.Sc. with 75% of the courses being related to the ideal degrees (i.e B.Eng.). A B.A. is...
  6. dardt

    Can I go officer 3 year concentration Bachelor's Degree

    I can only tell you my experience going through a similar (but not exactly the same) situation. I applied for AERE with a B.Sc. (physics) a couple years ago (I'm an AC Op). At the time, my degree did not qualify for AERE under SCP (they had tightened up the degree requirements around 2010 to...
  7. dardt

    Special Commissioning Plan ( SCP )

    1. SCP does not require nomination by your CoC (that's CFR). If you are QL3 qualified and hold a degree that's specified for the trade you are interested in then you are eligible to apply. All the requirements are spelled out in the CANFORGEN released each year for the competition. 2. There are...
  8. dardt

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    It's that time of year again. UTPNCM competition messages are out, applications are going in. This is a good forum to share your thoughts, news and plans relating to the program. Personally, I plan on submitting an application for AERE & PSEL (with Concordia as my preferred university). Good...
  9. dardt

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

  10. dardt

    CF seeking 3 or 4 manned fixed-wing ISR planes

    How about the new E2-D Hawkeye ? Too expensive for Canada ? ;) We could tag along on the US Navy's order.
  11. dardt

    Special Commissioning Plan ( SCP )

    Anyone have any ideas why Pilot never seems to be open for competition under SCP ? In recent years it's been open under UTPNCM, but not SCP. With the trade still being red and with active DEO recruitment, it doesn't seem to line up. AERE and AEC seem to be open each year under CFR, SCP and...
  12. dardt

    Single Quarters & Rations (R&Q) [MERGED]

    Concern yourself only with BMQ for now, focus on getting through that first. Once you complete BMQ you will be posted to a unit for "OJT", along with studying your pre-course package (for QL3, assuming they still have that). You could be posted to any one of a number of units post BMQ, i.e...
  13. dardt

    University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

    I confirmed this on DWAN, under the ideal and acceptable degree listings for AERE. Since my degree (BSc Physics) is no longer listed, does this mean I could apply for AERE under UTPNCM and complete a B.Eng if accepted to the program ? I know a PSO would try to steer me towards a trade where my...
  14. dardt

    DAOD 5019-1, Personal Relationships and Fraternization

    Ref DAOD 5019-1, Personal Relationships and Fraternization Not a new issue, but am interested in sparking debate and hearing more senior member's opinions. Could not find anything posted within the past couple years in my search. I like to think it's generally understood what is an acceptable...
  15. dardt

    NCM-SEP Med Rad Tech + Med Lab Tech - Experiences

    It's my understanding this year's NCM-SEP message is due out in May. Will be keeping an eye out for Med Rad + Med Lab Techs as open trades. Does anyone have experience with an OT into these trades under NCM-SEP ? I understand the trades are both very small, but the latest SIP I've seen shows at...
  16. dardt

    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    Good read, first time I've seen this level of written detail on CAPSS (although a bit dated). I'm curious as to the current cutoff (0.7, 0.8 or something else ?). At first glance 0.8 would seem to match the rough pass rates at aircrew selection. Also the first time I've seen the 5-abort...
  17. dardt

    Aerospace Control Operator ( AC Op )

    Unless things have changed in the last year, you are on TD while at CFSACO in Cornwall. Rations and quarters were no charge, and you received incidentals for the TD period.
  18. dardt

    Age Limits to Join

    It was mentioned you just returned to Canada after living out of Country for several years. You may be in for some significant delays in having to have a pre-security evaluation, check with you're local CFRC on current requirements (In Canada residence time / wait times for pre-security...
  19. dardt

    The Russian Military Merged Thread- Air Force

    Hold for an hour ?  :o Glad I wasn't paying that bill !