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  1. govenor_mac

    HMCS Halifax - Great Lakes Deployment

    WOW ! That was really awesome. Sent the link to my son.
  2. govenor_mac


    My niece is in Wainwright Alberta doing her BMQ and she mentioned getting prepared for 'Hell Week'. I don't have an answer but the term is out there.
  3. govenor_mac

    made a bad choice want to go home

    Talk to your Padre. The Padre will put you on the right path that is to your best interest. The Padre is the ultimate! I can say he sure helped my son when he was going through a rough time. Please, talk to  him....what have you got to loose?
  4. govenor_mac

    What's your gas price? 2.0

    Sydney, Cape Breton 1.05....for the moment.......
  5. govenor_mac

    War Amps

    I tuned in to a documentary yesterday on the War Amps. I tuned in too late to find out who was singing the song 'Never Again'. If anyone out there knows please let me know. It was truely beautiful.Thanks in advance.
  6. govenor_mac

    Why is the military at increased risk?

    Yes, The bacteria flourishes in warm moist places but the places are on the body not in gym rooms etc. It doesn't live on clothing etc. It does if you had it in the nares and you blew your nose...the tissue would be comtaminated or on the groins.......
  7. govenor_mac

    Why is the military at increased risk?

    I don't know where the CBC got their info but I work in a  Nursing home and numerous residents have MRSA and there are no boils or flesh eruptions etc. The MRSA is usually in the nares, groins or around a feeding tube site. We were educated on this time and again and there was no mention on what...
  8. govenor_mac

    New PT Test Requirements...Thoughts?

    You better believe it. My son was one of those who didn't pass the shuttle run and had to take remedial training. He lost 10 inches. Graduated in the top five of his platoon. He is in some shape and he owes it all to the help and guidance of his instructors and of course his sheer determination...
  9. govenor_mac

    If you miss a white Christmas enjoy this

    LOVED IT!!!!!
  10. govenor_mac

    Graduation Day soon approaching.

    Well the Graduation ceremony was absolutely wonderful. After it was over there were sensational finger foods, buffet style, picture taking and meeting everyone. We had the honor of staying on base in a two bedroom apartment. Apparently they are available to family members at a nominal fee. We...
  11. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    Well good news! Just got off the phone with my son and he's coming home Wednesday until the new year! There really and truly is a God.....no doubt about it! Thank You God!Thank you everyone !
  12. govenor_mac

    Question from a parent

    My two cents......Our son was in Sea Cadets for two-three years(forget now). He hated it! Quit. In about grade 10 he started playing with the idea of joining the Military. He is now 21 and graduating from basic Nov.30th and off to Esquimalt Dec.1st . You never can predict how things will turn...
  13. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    I hope you are right HorM. It would be nice to have him with us for this Xmas.By the way...would he have to pay up front for his flight home and be reimbursed? Or pay the first 800km and the CF pays the rest? Any input would help.
  14. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    What is the reasoning of being sent to B.C. now? To get settled in? Seems like an expense to me. Especially since the course doesnt start until January.I know of another lad who finishes his basic Dec 6th( I think) and he is off the whole month of December and then goes to B.C. in January.He is...
  15. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    Thank you, George and Punkd.
  16. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    I thought the CF paid one trip home a year at Christmas.
  17. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    Thank you for the info .....it helped. I know he will not be able to spend every Christmas with us as he has another life now. Its just that it is still new to us and we are adjusting.....adjusting very well I might add. He IS our only child. We do have our 11 year old nephew living with us now...
  18. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    He is being sent to Victoria for his NCI Ops trade. There are five going from his platoon in Borden. We live too far away( CapeBreton) for us to go to Victoria. We both also work full time.....no options there. Just have to keep our fingers crossed I guess and PRAY!
  19. govenor_mac

    Following basic training...

    Graduation Day is Nov 30th in Borden and then my son is being sent to Victoria B.C.Dec 1st. Will he still be sent home for Christmas? HELP!
  20. govenor_mac

    Thank You From The Heart

    'BLANKET PARTY' in the future MRM? Maybe he has an IPOD and an MP3 in his possession too.